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  1. bk18, your post is good, but I don't think we could even hang with a school like Dayton - Pioneer League - I think it's reclassified at FCS (formerly Division I-AA) and they play fellow Catholic institutions Marist and San Diego, where current Stanford HC Jim Harbaugh cut his teeth before moving to Palo Alto. You have to look at budget - not just for facilities - where would we play? Certainly it would be throwing money down the drain to play at the Dome on Saturday and there's no way you'd get Father Lawrence Biondi to replace the natural grass surface of Herman Stadium for field turf and more bleachers. Also have to look at coaches. A decent Pioneer League team has 10-12 coaches. You have to figure in a budget for recruiting, camps, equipment, etc. Have a marching band or anything like that for halftime? You can't just ask for a football team without looking at all the costs involved. Best thing you could do is create Saint Louis on NCAA Football on playstation.
  2. Cancun Tourney

    I guess the border towns are not places we should be heading to...thank you for the tips, sir.
  3. http://www.payscale.com/research/US/School...ty_(SLU)/Salary
  4. Cancun Tourney

    I actually have not been to Cancun...more of a Cabo guy myself (can't help but to let loose with some Sammy Hagar now and then)...thinking about going on the Cancun trip if there is a travel package put together by the university...any news of that happening?
  5. Cancun Tourney

    Does anyone know about the on-going situation with the violence in Mexico? It seems like it is getting out of control and really might put a damper on American tourist travel into the region. I guess it's mostly in and around boarder towns, but this is scary. Hope we are lodging in a secure barrio.
  6. OT: TO

    Ocho and TO on the same team...wow. Marvin Lewis will have his hands full.
  7. Rob Loe

    I didn't want to get Munsoned out here in the middle of nowhere...
  8. Interesting how they gave Mark Few a chair and Romar's looking for a spot to sit down. That's Mid-Major power right there.