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  1. Possible Bad News...

    Argyle Wade had the ultimate metro pass...
  2. Possible Bad News...

    He's just a Rome Clone wannabe.
  3. Possible Bad News...

    Rack him!
  4. Possible Bad News...

    Whatever, Ari Fleischer.
  5. Possible Bad News...

    is that chick from Res Life still living in Grieseydick?
  6. Possible Bad News...

    hahah he's incredible! The Choo! I've got a good lift from Placido Polanco.
  7. Possible Bad News...

    These guys would have loved the Choo:
  8. Possible Bad News...

    Oh man. The J-Board is brutal. I've heard some horror stories from the Kathy Humphries era. Basically it was her way or the highway. She's not at SLU anymore, is she?
  9. Femi John

    So your name isn't Pistol! haha damn. That's a cool name I'm hoping that all the turnover on our roster will bring us success. This summer will be crucial for our team to come together as a unit.
  10. Femi John

    Hmm...i'll have to wiki him. As far as crossing a line goes, this is a message board...is it the line of the guy running this site or just your line that he crossed? My line gets crossed by people all the time, but it's not up to me who gets crapped on (at work, that is).
  11. Femi John

    Regardless, nothing has been said by either poster to warrant a ban.
  12. Earl's Team

    Thanks, NH!!
  13. Earl's Team

    Is there any video out there of McLemore? I have been away from the STL prep scene and don't know much about his style. Any comparisons??
  14. Femi John

    That was a little rough on my part. Just seems like you know a lot about this poster, which is a little weird.
  15. Femi John

    I also didn't know you could be banned for being a moron. Why are there still so many posters on here? This board could be a field day for an admin if just being a moron could get you the boot.