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  1. Temple's own Tony Bruno, actually.
  2. From Here

    LOL thuggish? Stop crying because you lost. Go Owls.
  3. I know all of them; I live in the same building as them.
  4. You're too cynical; Voy is no BSer.
  5. Rush the court when we win?

    Guess you dont watch them much, because Tavernari is a tremendous putz.
  6. He's an incredibly, incredibly nice and friendly kid. You're hating the wrong kid.
  7. We want whom?

  8. Rush the court when we win?

    I dont know about that, I do pretty well financially. I will concede the WS ring. Thankfully, my Phillies won one, so that's some consolation.
  9. Rush the court when we win?

    Harrelson is brutal.
  10. Rush the court when we win?

    By all means, let's see your Victoria's Secret model girlfriend.
  11. Rush the court when we win?

    I didn't plan on it, but our ESPN radio broadcast had the Phillies spring training game on for some reason. I didn't have a choice. Who isn't a homer? You called him a loser, yet his team won, he was the best player on the floor tonight, his team is in first place in the A10, looking at a 3 or 4 seed in the ncaa tournament, and he's looking at getting drafted if he keeps putting up double doubles. Sounds like a total loser...
  12. Rush the court when we win?

    Do good people call someone a loser based on the attractiveness of someone's girlfriend?
  13. Rush the court when we win?

    Someone already mentioned it; His 'that s#it might fly in Nigeria, but it don't here' in a very disparaging tone. Maybe not racist, but he's an ###### and whiner.