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  1. Temple's own Tony Bruno, actually.
  2. LOL thuggish? Stop crying because you lost. Go Owls.
  3. I know all of them; I live in the same building as them.
  4. You're too cynical; Voy is no BSer.
  5. Guess you dont watch them much, because Tavernari is a tremendous putz.
  6. He's an incredibly, incredibly nice and friendly kid. You're hating the wrong kid.
  7. Racist.
  8. I dont know about that, I do pretty well financially. I will concede the WS ring. Thankfully, my Phillies won one, so that's some consolation.
  9. Harrelson is brutal.
  10. By all means, let's see your Victoria's Secret model girlfriend.
  11. I didn't plan on it, but our ESPN radio broadcast had the Phillies spring training game on for some reason. I didn't have a choice. Who isn't a homer? You called him a loser, yet his team won, he was the best player on the floor tonight, his team is in first place in the A10, looking at a 3 or 4 seed in the ncaa tournament, and he's looking at getting drafted if he keeps putting up double doubles. Sounds like a total loser...
  12. Do good people call someone a loser based on the attractiveness of someone's girlfriend?
  13. Someone already mentioned it; His 'that s#it might fly in Nigeria, but it don't here' in a very disparaging tone. Maybe not racist, but he's an ###### and whiner.