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  1. Iowa State Post Game Thread

    Yep looks like were doing the same thing.
  2. Iowa State Post Game Thread

    Good game tonight from a Cyclone fan. Overall I thought a sloppy game. You guys have a good ball club and will make noise in the future. Watchin the ND-NW game right now.. Going for NW for the fact the game will be on tv for us if so. (Big 10 Network) Couldnt handle trying to find a gametracker for a half hour and finally finding online audio during the 2nd half.
  3. Iowa State v. SLU thread

    The audio your seeing on cyclones.com requires some sort of payment. I dont have a radio feed or anything over here either. I'm using http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/sc...=60&c=big12 The only gametracker I could find.
  4. Iowa State prediction.

    You very well could be right. Never know. But Iowa State's offense is very explosive this year. You could hold Brackins to 6 points tonight and 70 points still wouldn't be a problem in most games.
  5. Iowa State prediction.

    Hello ISU fan here. Lookin forward to the game tomorrow. Should be a good one. This will be a good game for both teams to really see where they're at. For the predictions..your probably not going to hold Iowa State in the 60's. Just too many scorers. I could see you guys makin it a real good game tomorrow. But I hope not. Good luck. 82-71 isu