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  1. Kony Ealy

    I am helping out with all three until June. I cant coach any of my kids until then. I am listed as head coach of 16's, but Dale Turner will handle that until June.
  2. Kony Ealy

    Kony Ealy is a legit 6'6 W/F. He plays a little slasher and if need be we play in the post. He is getting better at the wing everyday.
  3. Alton-Edwardsville Regional game

    Is it possible that he plays football(soccer) and basketball at SLU? He really likes the sport.
  4. Alton-Edwardsville Regional game

    We will be 3A again next season. I think it will be a game on Wednesday. We just need to stay focus and keep lifting up our play. We played a good schedule this season to prepare us for the playoffs. Lets see if it pays off
  5. Alton-Edwardsville Regional game

    Yeah, we have our core coming back and it will be interesting to see what happens. Tony is a bigger player and more athletic. He can put it on the floor, still need work, but he is only a freshman. He is 6'0 and can defend his behind off. Tory was a better transition shooter and could hit from deep and had a nice mid range game that he developed over time. Tony is getting to that right now. He is going to be good.
  6. Alton-Edwardsville Regional game

    It will be fun. I know coach will have them( Crystal City) ready to go. Yes Bryant and Lance played on a good 16u eagle team. I just hope we don't forget how to defend...lol Bryton has stepped it up and so has some of our other key guys. It will be fun
  7. A question for Corey Frazier

    I plead the fifth...lol
  8. Alton-Edwardsville Regional game

    Lets just try and get both...lol. The Bills will take both. Until then come out and encourage Mr. Allen as Mr. Cotto to commit to SLU. Allen will be on display wed. night down at JEFCO in Hillsboro MO. Come check him out. 7:45pm at JEFCO
  9. Bryant Allen

    Your welcome Roy. I accept your apology. Roy your a class act.
  10. Bryant Allen

    It would be great for our school. Bryant is a special kid. I dont like to talk about him much, but I do encourage people to come see him for themselves. So saturday I will be in attendance. I hope to see any of you out to see him.
  11. Bryant Allen

    thanks for having me here. I hope we can pull it out. I will be in attendance at Lindenwood. For those of you that haven't seen Bryant Allen play football, I encourage you all to come out and see him play. The game will kick off at 1:30pm. So come out and see this possible future Billiken play in the state semis against defending champs Blair Oaks.
  12. Bryant Allen

    Thanks again to all. I would like to encourage you all to keep believing in our young people here in st. louis and no matter where they go lets support them, although I would like to see them in a SLU uniform, lets keep supporting them. Hey Nate whats up.
  13. Bryant Allen

    Jamal is doing fine over at Murray State. He is still active in recruiting the STL area. Yes last time I talked to Rasheed he told me he was about to have a newborn. Thanks. We are looking forward to having a good season. I am really proud of our football team they are having a great memorable year.
  14. Bryant Allen

    I will try to give as much insight as possible. I must say that I watched practice this year and I was impressed with Majeras
  15. Bryant Allen

    This is really me. I am from Charleston, Mo. I have a son in the 7th grade, also name Corey Frazier. Shoot any questions. I saw Rasheed in Houston, in the spring. I will let him know. He is acutally coaching now and has lil boy coming up as well. I will be in attendance as much as possible this year.