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  1. So the answer is no then. B.S. this is 2015 and streaming sucks.
  2. This team is better than I thought
  3. The stretches between 8 minutes and 4 minutes of both halves was the big difference
  4. I'll take the win.
  5. You're really still fouling, Edwardsville?
  6. Jayzus, it's the ref show featuring basketball.
  7. Make a call and let's get the fug out of here
  8. These refs make look A-10 refs look adequate
  9. Why is this an siue branded game?
  10. Gotta hit those FTs!
  11. Wow MY with the 3!
  12. More turnovers, ugghh
  13. +9 from the under 8 media timeout. Have to play smart and hit free throws.
  14. Ah, thanks
  15. Why is there a commercial with 5:13? Shouldn't it be at under 4?