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  1. I know. Do have anything basketball worthy to add or are you just trying to fit in and be cool?
  2. You've repeated that line so often but don't stick to it. I wish you would. And we both know what you said about Bill05.
  3. I have six people obsessing over my every move on a college basketball message board. Two want to fight me, you want to date me, ACE wants my money and spends his free time researching past posts and posters. Ya, I'm the troubled one. Get a life kid.
  4. Will do. Say hi to the chess club!
  5. I wouldn't be too quick to defend Backhand/Spirt. You should have heard him bad mouthing you in a PM to me.
  6. Ok, that's three times(at least) that you've kept this going instead of letting it die or taking it to PM's. Your obsession is scary. Maybe I'll have to add you to the ignore list as well. And since you were also Metz or Spirtofstlouis(same weight lifting schtick, etc) you should be banned as well.
  7. Happy Birthday SignGuy!!!!!!

    The big 26 huh? Show them Princeton co-eds what's up you old dog.
  8. Hope you're having a great birthday. Thanks for all the work you do here. Have a few beers on me!
  9. I don't get you're constent badmouthing of TLIII. He was one of the best Billikens of all time.
  10. NIT chance

    We're currently a 7 seed(out of 8) and on the bubble if you look at that Nit-ology site. They have Dayton as a 1 seed.
  11. I hope I'm wrong but I don't. He just seems to lack finesse. I hope he develop into a 10pt 6rebound kind of guy. That would go a long way for this team.
  12. Agreed. They've had only one game(vs Richmond) where they weren't competitive all year long. And a few of those losses possibly could have turned out differently had Ellis been here for them. It's not really going out on a limb to say they can win the A10 tourney. They can play with and beat anyone in this league.
  13. Cool. I'll let you have it. I won't even respond to ACE. Back to the original point of the thread - I thought it was a cool gesture by Lavoy Allen and it certainly speaks well for the job the student section did.
  14. You're just proving my argument that you can't get enough of me. Most sane men(you're not either) would choose to ignore me. I have posters on ignore. It's really pretty easy. Stop RESPSONDING TO THIS. IT JUST KEEPS IT GOING. And when did you become the judge of what's substantive and when did you start tracking who participates in which discussions? I think your Billiken analysis sucks and you never bring anything worth to the board.
  15. Instead of posting in one of the basketball related threads, you 3 have chosen to keep harping on this issue between myself and ACE which you suggested being taken to the PM's but didn't do that yourself. You can't get enough of it, just admit it. Now please, let's get back to the Brian Conklin thread and talk bball.