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  1. Umm ( From: SIUGRAD99 ) I can't imagine that your son isn't completely embarassed that his own mother comes to beg for him on the internet. This after you come to defend him when people question his talent. If you are this type of parent now i can only imagine what you'll be like when Big Rick tears him a new one. I am sure you'll have Rick on speed dial t... SIUGRAD99 is a member of the Members group and has 5 posts. Sent on: Yesterday, 09:58 PM Thank you for the comments you sent me last night through private messaging. I know you assumed I would get mad and get into a pissing contest with you. However, I'm sorry to disappoint you, you're remarks do not deserve a response from me. I would just like to inform you though, if you are brazen enough to send me a private message of this nature, then be smart enough to make sure your identity is hidden, because I will post it every time. You will only have yourself to thank for the way everyone else responds to your message.

    Sorry the names Trey. I just thought this topic was a little more "eye catching". Going to SIU next semester (because its cheap and closer to home) and cant wait to see SLU just beat the crap out of em. Next year is going to be fun
  3. So I know my mom already posted another bulletin like this earlier about the McDonald's River War All Star Game the 12th of this month at the new arena. The voting ends this week so theres not much time. Everyone who reads this needs to go to showtymebasketball.com, click on the link to the left that says "vote 4 starters", scroll down and vote for the next Big Billiken. I know you all want to see my brother and the hopeful future star for four years at St. Louis start his first game at the Chaifetz Arena and it would mean a lot to him if he does. He doesn't get much recognition coming out of such a small school even though hes one of the best big men to come out of southern Illinois ever. Everybody vote for Brett and come support him on the 12th. See ya there! Cant wait for the season to start...
  4. McDonalds Riverwar Game

    Thanks! You all are the greatest!
  5. Hi Billiken Fans; I know everyone is looking forward to "08" and being in the new arena! We certainly are. As some of you may know, the McDonalds Riverwar Games are scheduled to be played on the 12th at the Chaifetz arena. Since March 10th, an online contest has been going on to determine who the starters are going to be for each team. For those of you who aren't familiar, please go to www.showtymebasketball.com, on the left hand panel click on the link "Vote 4 Starters." Ideally, you would vote for your favorite person to be a starter in next Saturday's game. Most voters have failed to understand the technology involved in the voting process, and have been racking up astronomical numbers for some of the boys, only to discover the next morning their friends numbers have dropped significantly. Showtyme has a program in place that will delete multiple votes from the same IP Address, so everyone is asked to please vote only one time. My son Brett had been one of the top 3 for about the past week, but currently he is in 4th place (if those numbers are a true representation of the actual votes) with a little over 2,400 votes. Personally, I would LOVE to see Brett start and that is why I've come on here, to ask each of you to cast your vote for Brett in the Illinois Boys' bottom box, if you have not already done so. BUT please note; if you do not want to vote for Brett, then make sure you vote for the person you would most like to see start. There are only two days left in this contest so PLEASE, go to showtymebasketball.com and cast your vote TODAY! Thanks, And we'll see ya on the 12th!
  6. Thompson signs

    LOL...how I remember that game! Brett held O'Rear to 12 pts and O'rear held Brett to 12 pts... lets see, Vienna had somewhere in the vicinity of 20-30 fouls to Nashville's..."5" interesting game...we'll see what they have to offer on Feb 2nd.
  7. Thompson signs

    Hey Thanks B.A.B. Used to live across the bay from SF in Alameda! Glad to know Billikens are in the Bay area!
  8. Thompson signs

    Thanks, really looking forward to it! I especially hope one So. IL town dreads playing the Billikens!
  9. Thompson signs

    Thank you, thank you....looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you during the season. Looking forward to it! The Vienna schedule has been posted....you can go to www.viennahighschool.com and follow the athletic's link.
  10. Thompson signs

    It's Official...now all the rumors can be put to bed... 7 foot senior (and yes his doctor measured him at 7 foot at his last check up) has made it official...this morning at 8:11 a.m. Brett signed on the dotted line to play ball for Rick Majerus in 08! Official press conference is TODAY at 4:15 P.M. at Vienna High School in Vienna, IL. If you are able, tune into News 3, 6, or 12
  11. Nope...Vienna (same place as Brett)
  12. Question about Brett and 80s music...

    If your asking about a twin bro for Brett Thompson...no, but he does have two brothers. Both are 6' 8" played some, but liked music better.
  13. IF Brett had wanted to go to SIU a Scholarship Was AVAILABLE and already offered LONG AGO. Lowrey wanted him bad enough for an unofficial visit a LONG TIME AGO! What the Saluki fans don't appreciate is the fact that Brett will be playing for one of the GREATEST coaches in the U.S. They are probably ticked they'll have to drive further to watch him play and their season tickets are no good! I mean, come on, Izzo himself took time out of HIS personal Christmas Holiday to fly down and watch Brett...
  14. How funny is that??? Do the Saluki Fans not know that Brett was offered a Scholarship his freshman year of High School?
  15. espn blog on Thompson verbal

    Hey thanks! We are looking forward to 08!