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  1. It's Official: Mia Johnson Leaving SLU

    What I am typing is not about Mia, per say. It is in regards to any coach, manager, or employer that has a player/employee that wants to leave. To announce you are leaving is a major decision that most folks put a lot of thought into. When they make the decision to go, my experience is to thank them for everything they have done, ask them what you personally could improve on, and to wish them well! Meaning, don't try to talk them out of it! Just a thought!
  2. Womens basketball

    Shucks, you guys who are tempt'n to guess who everyone is - I loved you all in Duck Soup! (Jes a lil attempt at Sat. humor.)
  3. Womens basketball

    If it was typical, then why is SLU always near the bottom rung of the ladder? If it was true, wouldn't that put us as a contender for the middle of the pack?
  4. Womens basketball

    D1 school in a major metro area and no emphasis on girls basketball? I have lived in St Louis for 10 years and have seen zero improvement, no luck in recruiting local talent, and the list goes on. Now let's add the ultimate insult - none of the players in my ex-academy have ever expressed an interest in SLU, and these are St Louis girls! Most players here don't even give SLU a second thought. The male vs. female coach issue? Who cares? If a Pat Summit were to come here, everyone would send in their basketball resumes. If a Gino were to come you'd get the same results. So I just hope they get the best coach available, male or female. As to a female coaching a men's team, I believe Pat Summit would Git Er Done! It just hasn't happened yet, but someday a woman will coach a men's team.
  5. KY and coaching

    Having graduated from high school in Lexington, KY and then UK, it's easy for me to understand. But, unless you've lived there for years, trashing Tubby doesn't make sense. So here is an example of the average UK fan's mentality - buying a house for the average UK fan: 1. When you buy a house it better have a goal in the driveway. 2. No goal means you pay to have one erected 3. If the house you are looking to buy doesn't have enough land for a big enough court to shoot a three, don't buy the house. 4. If your job doesn't close for UK games, get another job that pays enough for your basketball court! 5. If the house you are looking at, can't get a satellite for the UK games, don't buy the house. 6. If the driveway isn't level enough for a good court, don't buy the house. 7. Never buy a house with a drop off behind the basket, cause it's rough chasing the stupid balls down the hill or over the cliff. 8. Never buy a house close to Rupp Arena, the fans will tear up your lawn should UK lose. Now some of these I have done myself, all are real concerns when buying a house in Lexington. So take thie above as a sign of - we better win it all this year, or else it's time for a change. Is Tubby a decent coach? He's a better recruiter than a coach. Are the UK faithful restless? You bet, he hasn't won it all with his own recruits. He did it with Pitino's players!
  6. Any women's coach rumors?

    I appreciate your explanation. I own a youth basketball discussion board so I do understand your point. This is a college board and I enjoy reading and gleening what news I can without commenting on the college because high school is more my area. But this was a high school rumor, so I jumped in. Why would a poster bring the personal into it without being 100% sure? Why not just ask if Rolfes is still at IWA? If he's not, then do we really need to know why? This does damage to his family or the school. This is a college board so I will just read and not post. Thanks, ed
  7. Any women's coach rumors?

    Hello The Majority To know that I'm on all the boards means you are on all the boards. The difference is that I don't hide behind a screen name. Although if you are a h.s. or college coach then being anonymous makes sense to me, just an opinion! Tell you what, I don't need to whacked by a 2X4 so OK, it's time to go away. Have a great day!
  8. Any women's coach rumors?

    My response was directed at Newberry
  9. Any women's coach rumors?

    How tacky and totally classless! You just come on a public discussion board, admittedly not sure of your facts, and broadcast this trash? Even if something like this was true, why puke out the details? Would something like this have any direct affect on the students? Only if the school swept it under the rug! So why not let the school handle something like this? They dismiss the teacher or teachers involved, solve the problem and everyone go on with their life. If the school weren't willing to solve it, then go public, but only after it has been confirmed by several sources who were directly in the know. Without being 100% sure of your facts, what you just did to Rolfes, and his family, and the school, is low and cold!