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  1. Prove they were clean. Apply the same standard to yourself. You can't either. Some of the "red flags" you mentioned were that his family wanted to get paid, others were his attitude. I'm not claiming SLU cheats more than anyone else, or is more egregious. If you want to believe you are the only clean team in major D1 basketball go ahead. Sounds an awful lot like UK fans who say Cal is clean because he never got caught at UK.
  2. I would expect you to look at it realistically. Look at Travis Ford's history of recruiting. He's always been a good recruiter. No doubting that. You don't get to be a consistently good recruiter in today's age without playing in the grey. That's just the nature of college basketball.
  3. Anyone who is halfway clued in at SLU knew about the Gordon recruitment. My father in law works in admin at the med school and even he knew. He called me after he committed and said "You hear about this kid they got for the basketball team? Had to pay for a nice condo for his mom" The Gordon family was not particularly low key about what happened either.
  4. I'm actually a SLU alum, got my Masters there. Wife is an alum as well for both undergrad and masters. I follow a lot of Midwestern basketball recruiting. You are asking for "proof" of the recruitments of Gordon and Goodwin being dirty, but I think if Nesbitt goes to Illinois or Memphis you will be quite comfortable saying it was dirty without any such proof.
  5. You do realize that we have also gotten players that way. Carte'Are Gordon was a very dirty recruitment. Jordan Goodwin's dad got a nice payday. Ford is a good recruiter, but he's not clean.
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