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  1. >iu meant to say that john favored slu which is what john >said on the cusamono piece on channel 5 about two months >ago. so you lied? >i have not told nate not to post. he can do whatever he >wants. but i can debate his negativity as well. he has >been nothing but negative towards the billikens for over a >year and constantly insists teh billikens should be >recruiting the lower tier area players. he never paints the >full picture. You want a "full picture" with rainbows and unicorns that has Soderberg getting commitments from Greg Oden and O.J. Mayo and LeBron James. I AM NOT HERE TO BLOW SUNSHINE AND MAKE UP STUFF TO MAKE SLU LOOK BETTER. If you want that, I can tell you the radio coordinates where you can find that. >you all want to hear his negativity, good for you. What negativity? Please go find all these examples of my negativity and how I've lied to make the program look bad. >i personally would like to hear the full story and hear about >who we are recruiting and who we are winning with in >recruiting. Get some new glasses. I've provided plenty of recruiting information on here that you choose to overlook. I've provided recruiting info this week that you've chosen to ignore. Your problem is you read what you want to read whenever I post. - Nate
  2. >I don't think RM will go after him. He has committed to >SIU-C and I don't think Majerus will do anything unless >Roundtree makes it known publicly that he will not be going >to SIU-C. What if Roundtree calls SLU and talks to them? - Nate ps: By the way, I heard Roundtree was going to call SLU yesterday.
  3. >You think Brad would stay in the city where he got shafted? >Wouldn't he be a little embarrassed or uneasy? Brad has a new house out in St. Charles and his kids are enrolled in schools here. It's not that easy to uproot a family and move somewhere. You're talking about finding a new job you're interested in, selling a house, finding a new area to live and making the kids change schools/areas for the second time in six years. I would guess that Soderberg will weigh his options over the next year and let Kramer graduate from high school — where he's been one of the best players in school history — before making a move. How many head coaching jobs or assistant coaching jobs are available right now? If he waits till next spring, Brad will have a lot more options to choose from. - Nate
  4. >Interesting. I wonder if RM would be interested in >Roundtree. And if so, would he recruit him? I don't know if >he would want to start off his career at SLU with the >negative "He stole my player" that Sampson heard. Not that >stealing Roundtree is equal to Gordon...but it would bring >some negative publicity. I would assume the locals like >Bernie would be furious. I don't think it would bring negative publicity. Roundtree has been very open about his desire to play at SLU. I don't know if SLU will recruit him. - Nate
  5. >Yeah, I always do that with Will Kirksey and Will Lawson. I >dont know why. Dont they both play AAU for Gateway. And >I've heard the Waller transfer rumors to both St. Charles >West and Webster Groves. I dont know the validity of >anything especially with Kramer likely not being at St. >Charles West next year. I'd be very surprised if Kramer wasn't at St. Charles West as a senior. Brad got a buyout package so he doesn't have to look for a new job right now. - Nate
  6. I don't think anyone at this point knows which area players Majerus will be recruiting. I know some of the recruits I've talked to are interested in seeing who he recruits. Don't forget Majerus knows practically nothing about St. Louis area recruits. When he took the job he hadn't seen any of these kids in person. He was relying on other peoples' evaluations — including AT's. - Nate >I was watching the old tape of the 2005 MLK shootout and who >did I see Nate Latsch. If I knew you were there I would've >spoken to you, same thing at the Beaumont-Vashon game this a >couple months ago at Soldan. Anyway, dont let people on the >board upset. Although I disagree with you A LOT, I >appreciate your insight, because you are one of the top >writers for high school sports in the area and we appreciate >that you share inside info as you can closer to the truth >than a lot of us can. Assuming Majerus will only look at >the top players from St. Louis would I be wrong to assume >that these are the only uncommitted area players he would be >courting > >2008, Brandenburg, Thompson, Suggs, McCoy, Perry >2009 Griffey, Wiss, Anderson, and Allen
  7. >Thanks. That's good to hear. > >Do you think the final straw for Soderberg was not making >progress with the class of 08? Based on the timing of Soderberg's firing, I'd say the final straw was only signing two players in the early signing period. If Soderberg could have also signed Mantas G and somebody else at the beginning of the period (Alexander, Eberhardt, Harris, etc.), he might still have a job. I'm sure people will argue that Soderberg had a chance at signing other guys, which is true, but the facts are that he signed two players at the start of the signing period. The coach had all year to recruit and was only able to lock up those two kids. - Nate
  8. >DoctorB great job recognizing Anderson, a lot of people >dont. Another kid is Gavin Wiss, he's third elite big man >in the area class of 2009. He game grew leaps and bounds >from his freshman year. With Will Lawson and Ty Griffey, >its good that he is at a different school and he can be the >lone guy inside. It gave him a chance to see what can >happen when he gets the ball. Playing with a willing passer >like Waller should only help his evolution and Waller takes >pressure off of him with his scoring. It is Will Kirksey at Lafayette, not Will Lawson. Will Lawson is a sophomore big man at Althoff. There's a strong possibility that Gavin Wiss and Ron Waller will not be teammates next season. - Nate
  9. Torres Roundtree has always wanted to go to St. Louis U. That's what he said when he committed to Southern Illinois earlier this spring. Now that there's been a coaching change, Roundtree is still interested in the Billikens. - Nate
  10. >or soderberg winning on femi john who is the honor >student of the two between john and roundtree. I didn't realize Femi John committed to the Billikens. Nice pick up. Good thing Soderberg locked that down before getting fired. - Nate ps: My sources have told me Femi John was not interested in SLU. (I don't know if that is still the case with the coaching change.)
  11. >I've wondered if Torres Roundtree will reconsider his early >oral commitment to SIU in light of Majerus' hiring. Maybe >Nate will have some insight. According to Roy's Rules of Recruiting, St. Louis U. coaches are not allowed to talk to Torres Roundtree until he turns 27. I have talked to Torres about Majerus. - Nate
  12. >your job is only to give bad news. now i get it. > >imo, we get enough of that. You certainly get it.
  13. >well who was the last one you scooped for us? Since when do I work for you? I hear about stuff all the time. Sometimes I post about it. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't post things here because I don't feel like getting ripped by people like you. Last time I wrote something here before it hit the paper was when Dustin Maguire committed. And I got in trouble for doing that. I have more information than I can post here, for various reasons. - Nate
  14. >again nate, with your superior insider knowledge, why didnt >you ever tell us who he was recruiting? > >simple question. we know he was indeed recruiting that >list. yet you preferred to inform us of who he wasnt all >the time. if you cant see that as negative you are blind. Roy, There are threads on here all the time about this recruit and that recruit from wherever. I've always commented on the local kids I know, or if I here something about an out-of-area kid I'll mention that too. I like the "all the time" generalization, like I've spent the past three years writing about Josh Harrellson and Paul Eckerle, rather than one thread over a month ago. - Nate
  15. >i just think i would have rather heard who or what soderberg >was doing as opposed to nate constantly telling us what he >wasnt doing. > >for instance, we know for a fact that soderberg spent a lot >of time in the fall recruiting mike kelly, jacob pullen, zac >sweeney and the alexander kid. we never heard details about >those "visits" from nate. instead he wanted to tell us that >soderberg was not visiting josh harrelson and paul eckerle >and how the likes of them would help the billikens. Wow. You're really trying to pull things from the inner depths of your ... um ... mind. Soderberg had missed on most of those kids before anyone mentioned Harrellson or Eckerle. Only Alexander was still in play in the spring. Please keep making things up that I supposed said. >same with the winter time period. we know for a fact he was >recruiting relephorde and mitchell who are both superior >players to nates bunch. Mitchell barely got recruited by anybody, but again you want to make him out to be the second coming of O.J. Mayo. He's a plan D recruit. >plus we know he continued to recruit alexander, added mantas, eberhardt, pettigrew, >and peterson. all again superior players to the suburban >players nate continued to tell us we werent recruiting. we >also know that soderberg got relephorde and mitchell, and >came extremely close on alexander, pettigrew and peterson >and still had the attention of mantas and eberhardt up to his firing. Good thing he signed Mantas and Eberhardt. That probably saved his job. >add in that he was continuing to recruit the "brad five" as >the naysayers liked to call the junior class plus griffey, >to say he wasnt doing anything was obviously wrong. > >now if you want to say he wasnt winning enough, fine. but >dont come here and tell us about who he isnt recruiting or >insinuating the staff wasnt working hard. that is pure b.s. > >but please tell me the last time we had nate tell us who >brad was recruiting instead of who he wasnt? > >he wants to tell us that because of this we should be >assured that is proof that the billikens coaches were not >working hard. > > the truth might be a lot different. there are limits to >the number of contacts a coach can have both specifically >for a recruit and in general. what if the coach visited the >practice of a player on weds night. by ncaa rule he cannot >attend that players game on friday night. if i was a >player, i would be more impressed he came to my practice >where he was up close and personal than sitting in the >crowd. Give it up already. - Nate
  16. >anthony mitchell has far more potential than the kid that >couldnt get an athletic scholarship. i would be willing to >bet in four years mitchell will have had a better college >career than your boy langdon as well. We already made that milkshake bet, but apparently you forgot that. This senior class wasn't very good, but there were a couple players who could have helped the Billikens. Please drop the same tired arguments about Josh Harrellson signing with the No. 521st best Division I team, "Langdon" Shipley and "sub standard suburban kids." It really shows you have no idea what you're talking about. - Nate
  17. http://uk.gizmodo.com/baby,crying,tantrum-thumb.jpg Roy, Again. You're making stuff up to fit your agenda. Go back and find my posts about who I recommended the Billikens should look at. Are you talking about the 6-foot-9, 250-pound post player who can rebound, pass and block shots ... or the athletic 6-1 guard who can shoot the 3 and is among the best students in his class and good enough to go to SLU on an academic scholarship? Oh, the horror. But yet the Billikens do offer a scholarship to Anthony Mitchell and he suddenly becomes O.J. Mayo? Must be lots of rainbows and pretty colors in Roy_Land. You don't want to jam up the roster with four-year players who are Western Illinois or Austin Peay quality? What do you think Bryce Husak, Dustin Maguire and Anthony Mitchell are, McDonald's All-Americans? I've posted plenty of positive things here over the years. Don't forget I got trashed on this board for writing in the P-D that Luke Meyer had a scholarship offer. The response was NO WAY. THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN. WE'RE TOO GOOD FOR LUKE MEYER AT SLU. You're ticked off because you want me to make up things and be overly positive like some of the other media people in town. I DON'T COLLECT A CHECK FROM THE UNIVERSITY OR HAVE A JOB THAT'S IMPACTED BY SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY. Funny how those folks changed their tune after Soderberg was fired. Go back and look at my posts about how I commended Soderberg for going after kids who he saw as up-and-coming prospects. You only see what you want to see in my posts, Roy. I have been very fair in my posts here. - Nate >nate has consistently posted this past year information >about our staff not recruiting some low ranked suburban >players that he thinks would fit our team. > >he also has insinuated that soderberg did not work hard >because he didnt see him at those same suburban players >games. > >that to me is a slap at our program. > >first off, a lot of those players were/are not ones that >would elevate our team. and while it is indeed a fact we >ended the year with a short roster, i sure dont want to jam >it up for four years with players that are western illinois >or austin peay quality players either. > >second, the ncaa rules state that a coaching staff can only >see so many player views per year. to assume that coach >soderberg and his staff will utilize those views on just the >local players would be stupid imo. > >he has consistently went out of his way it seems to only >post negatively about our efforts. for example he posts we >should be viewing signing the kid from borgia. yet did he >ever give soderberg credit for flying to philly and closing >the deal with relephorde? or how about mitchell? how about >mantas? all are better than most of the seniors in st louis >that nate wanted him to be viewing. yet no credit was given >to that only negative about not viewing those lower level >players. > >hey if nate wants to come here and be positive about our >efforts i am fine. or if even he is fair about the true >full picture i am fine. but imo he hasnt been.
  18. >my above statement > >"it is posters like yourself that are >>dangerous. you have credibility because of your job and >>your love of high school basketball. so your OPINION reads >>like fact to others. i most certainly would opine on any >>issues i would have with your opinions you post." > >wasnt necessarily about the post that started this string. >it was a statement about all your posts and why i open your >posts. > >you arent even making sense now. So you are going to trash me every time I make a post and claim I am making stuff up? OK. Got it.
  19. >why you are so hostile towards Nate. Your conspiracy theory >about his anti-SLU agenda hasn't been supported by Nate's >posts. Your posts in this thread seemed to be nothing more >than unsolicited cheap shots. According to Roy I am trying to bring down all of Billikens basketball. I was envious of Brad Soderberg and was trying to ruin his career by saying he didn't do a very good job recruiting. Also, I wanted Soderberg to waste his valuable recruiting time by watching St. Louis area high school basketball players. I'm sure I was responsible for most of the Billikens losses in the past season. Not all of them, but most definitely the losses to Duquesne, Fordham and Houston. If I had never posted here, the Billikens would be champions of the world — not just the NCAA tourney, but also the NBA and Olympics. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused Billiken fandom. - Nate
  20. >oh i will read. it is posters like yourself that are >dangerous. you have credibility because of your job and >your love of high school basketball. so your OPINION reads >like fact to others. i most certainly would opine on any >issues i would have with your opinions you post. > >the posters i dont read or those that have no credibility >and come off as fools more than anything. Please enlighten me and point out my opinions from the post that started this thread. There's only one person coming off as a fool here, and it's not me.
  21. Again, Roy ... YOU READ WHAT YOU WANT TO READ in my posts. I didn't say anything about a big difference. I just wrote what I heard. If you have that much of a problem with me, please never again read anything I post. I'm not trying to push an agenda here. I'm trying to pass along information to people who want to get more information. - Nate
  22. There was some talk during the high school season that Harrellson was interested in SLU if D. Thomas was let go at Western Illinois. Brad Soderberg wasn't interested in Harrellson. I don't know if Rick Majerus would be interested in Harrellson. Harrellson is similar to Adam Knollmeyer in body type, though he's probably a little taller and heavier. I agree with Roy that Harrellson is not as athletic as Knollmeyer, though Harrellson might have a better all-around game. Harrellson has good hands. He can rebound and pass and handle the ball a little bit. Physically, he has the size to play at the D-1 level. One of the knocks on Harrellson is that he's kind of a knucklehead. I would imagine that Majerus would fix that ... or that Harrellson would be moving on somewhere else. If Majerus can do better than add a back-up power forward/center like Harrellson, he should. I don't see Harrellson as a bad fit at SLU with the current players on the roster. The Billikens need some size. - Nate
  23. Roy, I started this thread to inform people as to what is happening with Majerus and recruiting. If the new coach is telling people he wants to schedule games against bigger-name schools to help his team's RPI — and in the process making playing at SLU more appealing to recruits — how does it become my opinion on the school's scheduling practices over the years? Every time I post something you think it's me taking a shot at the program. It's not. I'm trying to pass along information that I here to the people who might be interested. You see it as me taking shots at the program, which most people can see is not the case. If you have that much of a problem with me, stop reading what I post on here. - Nate
  24. Nark, Nice job with that. There was a lot of recruiting going on with the introductory press conference. You don't get many opportunities to be in front of that many TV cameras and members of the media, so he certainly took advantage of it. There are local recruits who had previously written off SLU but are now excited to talk to Majerus about the future of the program. - Nate
  25. This kind of goes along with the top 50 thread below, but I didn't want it to get lost because I think a lot of people will find it interesting. I've heard that Majerus plans to schedule a couple of college basketball's top programs every year to try to boost the Billikens' RPI in hopes of making the NCAA tournament. Now, how manys "big" games does that mean each year? I have no idea. But considering Majerus has connections all over college basketball, I'm sure there will be teams willing to play games against St. Louis U. — at least until the Billikens start knocking off some of the top teams. Can you imagine the demand for tickets in the new arena with a North Carolina or Duke or Florida or someone of that ilk coming to town? - Nate
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