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  1. I have never been so upset with my alma mater. The lack of criminal charges combined with the length of time to communicate the outcome reflect so poorly on the school. It is obvious that the school chose to take the cowardly approach. No one in their right mind would sit out the suspension....but at the same time SLU can claim they didn't kick them out. I always wanted my children to follow in my footsteps at SLU, but I just don't think I can promote that any longer. So incredibly disappointed... 

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  2. Wow....very sad. I never met Joe or needed his help like so many of you, but I've been reading his posts since I came to the board almost 20 years ago now. He struck me as one of the classiest guys this place had. Always stayed above the bickering and came here will level headed, genuine responses....often times with a hint of incredibly witty humor. Even though I barely post or make it to STL, I will miss Bonwichs' presence here greatly. My prayers go out to his family in this difficult time.

  3. Thanks, guys....she did good.

    Rich - no history test, but she is pretty knowledgeable. She always had some choice words for when Kyle Cassity entered the game....is somewhat down on Manning at the moment....and loves Jordair Jett.

  4. Barnett can't average 10 a game unless our squad is decimated by injury.

    4-6 points, 2-4 rebounds and 40 percent from three would be solid.

    I disagree. Somebody needs to step up and get the points when we lose 2 of our top scorers. We will play a slightly faster pace i believe and a 5th year senior is capable of averaging those points. Jake came on pretty good toward the end of the year, so i higher expectations of him than Crawford in year 1.

  5. I had him this past Fall. Like I said, I had Calc before, so it was pretty easy for me, but a lot of people really struggled. It was a bit of a distraction being able to see what color bra he was wearing. He seemed to get really frustrated when people asked questions. He also smelled bad... I agree he was nice enough though.

    I would agree with this. I totally forgot about this guy, so thanks for bringing back the memories. I had him in like 2000 for one of my calculus courses. Could never take the guy seriously....he was the butt of most jokes (people were much less PC back then...can't believe how much has changed in 13 years)...and i was kinda scared to be alone in his office with him. But, I ended up passing, so I guess I can't complain much. I would definitely say that his shtick took away from his ability to be taken seriously by the class.

  6. Aaah, what might have been. Willie, we hardly knew ye. Minimum sweet 16 last year. This year, who knows how far.

    It's a damn shame. I know he had issues, but looking at what he'd done physically (had to have gained 50 lbs) combined with his athleticism and low post skills (he had nice post moves by the end of his freshman year)....who knows what could have been.

  7. I'll support Crews full on. Wasn't necessarily the sexy hire, but I think it's a good hire with a lot of potential.

    Give the players whatever kind of credit you want, but I think it takes a special coach to lead this team to the regular and tournament championship in a season like this.

    When I heard him speak over the past month or so, I thought he seemed like a down to earth guy that people can like. I think the players like him.

    The question mark is recruiting. Word is that we have made some real good progress lately. Maybe it's not too big an issue.

    Best of luck, Jim. Can't wait until next year!

  8. explain how our rpi is worse than butler and vcu even though we have a better record and have beaten both head to head?

    Does it matter? According to RealTimeRPI we are 21, 26, 27 for Butler, VCU and SLU. Seems like we're talking about semantics here.

    I guess I just don't see how this schedule has hurt us. As long as we win, everything takes care of itself.

  9. presbyterian? that's a division one school? my gosh, will we ever stop with the nonsense buy games. imo, our sos is our biggest downfall this year. while a sos in the 70's isnt bad, it should be better considering how good of a team we have.

    Biggest downfall? Roy, we're ranked 16 in the nation, won the A10 outright and have six losses. I'm all for playing "big name" opponents but i'm not seeing how our schedule this year has had any sort of negative impact on the team.

  10. I have no ill will toward the kid. I think he made a big mistake. I think he knows he made a big mistake. I also think that the decision was based on a very emotional couple of weeks (injury, death, game loss's) and the 18y.o. was getting extremely poor advice when he needed it most. No evidence to support the last statement, but I've heard the rumors...

  11. I don't think we can question Crew's recruiting based on his time as interim head coach. If anything, it seems he did a pretty good job if he was able to get a decent guard to commit to a team that has no coach and barely any tradition of winning.

    At this point, I think hiring Jim to a 5 year contract and grooming an up and coming recruiter for the long term is the way to go. We still have a number of players on the team returning the next couple years and I'd like to keep the "Majerus way" in tact. Maybe Crew and the players can continue what he started to where it becomes our identity long term.

  12. i agree. crews is doing the work now. but we need a gotdamn HEADHUNTER of an assistant coach. i mean some dude getting paid almost as much as crews, that eats babies, and is breathing down crews' neck to take over.

    I agree. At this point, Crews is showing he can coach. Some suggest he is just "getting out of the way" of a good, well-educated team....but that his BS. Everybody needs a coach and Crews is kicking a$$. There is a LOT of time left, so I'm not quite ready to hand him the reigns. But, if we make it into the teens in the rankings and head to the NCAA with a solid seed, we give it to him prior to the tourney and start recruiting the fuock out of some quality h.s. players. Not sure of Whitesell's, Bronson or D-Nice's recruiting skills...but maybe that recruiter and future head coach is already on the bench.

  13. Much has been discussed about Crew's on this board, but you have to wonder if he is changing the style of play. Sure the base offense is there, but this is not the same team we have watched the past few years. First off all, defense. We've always been a great defensive team, but we did not take risks and we did not generate a lot of steals/fast breaks. We've seen more of that the past 5 games than we have the previous 20. Secondly it is the pace of play. It's been brought up already, but we are taking shots much earlier in the shot clock. How many times has our shot gone up in the last 5 seconds of the shot clock? It sure seems like that isn't happening much at all anymore.

    Bottom line is that from my view in Nashville, the two above have been the major reasons for this new streak and identity. I've long thought that our biggest problem was confidence. When you are playing slow, every shot counts. Then, every miss is amplified. By increasing the possessions, pumping the guys up by allowing defensive risks to generate turnovers, and the overall "loose" feeling of the team.....I feel we are much different than under Majerus. I have to credit Crews with some good coaching tactics and using his team the way it should be. All this happened after the low point against RI. I bet Crews came in and said..."change of plans". It's sure been fun to watch...

  14. In reality, one has to wonder what stance ESPN has on all of this. On the business side, they are losing a conference that it has supported for quite some time. Now, the new kid in town (Fox) is pretty much dictating how this conference shapes up....if the rumors are true. Obviously, Fox seems to have a goal of competing head to head with ESPN....with what one would assume is a desire to surpass it. One has got to think that the masterminds at ESPN may have something up there sleeve in regard to the journalism they are putting out there in regard to this whole thing...

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