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  1. That would make a good poll question. While real life is not that b lack and white, but if you could choose would you rather have a team with 10 wins and 80% graduation rate or a team with 20 wins and a 20% graduation rate. I think if most of us we're honest we would choose the wins. I know a program can have both wins and high grad. rates,but I'm just asking.

  2. Just read an RFT article on PHL players leaving the city to play for county schools. In it they refer to Irons as former basketball coach who is now Vashon's athletic director. Did I miss something. When did Irons give up coaching?

  3. I spent 10 hours last night looking for Billilou memorabilia. I stuck out but did find a picture of Rich Grawer on a stick to be used as a mask,a Fallstaff beer mug with SLU Billikens on the glass,a Community Federal beer mug proclaing the Billikens as a Blue Chip,and about 10,000 plastic cups from the Arena and Keil with different Billiken images . Ekker- I know he is devil of Billiken basketball for many. While he was a terrible recruiter I maintain He was not the problem. He had zero administration support. The athletic dept consisted of Ekker 1 full time ast.coach,1 part time coach,Lisa Jaekel as business mgr. and a part time ticket sales guy. Ekker started the golf tournament. He also had a luncheon program called the court club. On the day of the game there was a lunch at the old arena club with the visiting coach as guest speaker. Denny Crum,Abe Lemons,Joe Stoval,Danna Kirk ,are a few speakers I can remember. The guy is still a coach in the NBA so he must know basketball or have good pictures. By the way he and the cheerleader are still married and have several kids.

  4. There is no way jj is going to put Sloan on the bench. I get the feeling that Brad believes Sloan will be his MVP. I was also at last nights meeting and didn't quite get the same feeling about Brad's comments about Johnson. I read his remarks as he really doesn't know what to expect from Johnson. Johnson has the tools but hasn't shown that he knows how to use them on a consistent basis. I felt Brad was saying he just doesn't know.

  5. 55-one of the oldest farts on this board. stockbroker.2 SLU degrees-wife has 2 SLU degrees. Oldest son kshoe a SLU grad. One semester of tuition left for youngest son shoe. Have had season tickets since 1966 and have missed maybe 3 home games since then. Had a couple of grad classes with Bonwich's father.Liked him. Lived next to Jimmy Irving in the dorm. This is for you Roy, drank a few beers with Ron Ekker. Not a bad guy for someone with low morals.

  6. Roy thats not quite true. SLU would not accept a D he received in an ethics class therefore he did not have enough credits. Some schools will accept D's thereby giving him enough credits. I know I'm talking symantecs but as far as the NCAA goes it's all about transferable hours.

  7. Yesterday as I was going to play a very rainy round of golf I had Burwells radio show on. He said he wanted to talk about SLU and the A10. He indicated that he had been "educated" by the many E mails he had received from the Billiken faithfull. I got the impression that he knew he had made a mistake. Unfortunately I had to get out of the car and didn't hear the program. Anybody hear it?

  8. I believe Ramsey is influenced by the radio station he works for. Claiborne {who knows nothing about basketball] continually belittles SLU. Most of the stations staff are MU guys. Many went to school there. I think Maracek may be a MU grad. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the KFNS sponsors are MU people. If the Pasta House became a huge sponsor on KFNS I'd bet we would get more respect. Don't forget Claiborne got his start in sports as a flunkee in the Grawer athletic dept. He was a gofor who got his break by being one of Bonners agents.I don't think he was ever treated as a serious player by SLU. Certainly SLU never gave him an important roll in the dept.

  9. Driving home from work last night I listened to the Tony Kornheiser show on 11.90 a.m.. He interviewed somebody from USA Today about the big east. He stated that it would be very difficult for ND football to join any league. They went through such an emotional debate when they we're recruited by the big 10. To join a different confrence now would bring up those scars. He pointed out that he expects any move by anyone to join the big east is only step one in what will be many changes. None of this is new to this board but one think he did point out is the complications of what happens to past NCAA basketball money. I think one of the problems of setting up a new papal conf.is these schools may be walking away from monies the have already accrued. Maybe we can get Woolard to talk about money issues at a Tip Off meeting.

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