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  1. Good Luck Billikens

    I am very happy with the A-10 seeding, I think as terrible as our front court is, if we can beat ND then we match up better with Duke than a team like UNC. For the Billikens I think you have a great chance beating MSU if you can make your 3s because you play so well as a team. March is fun, good luck Bills
  2. Xavier

    Hopefully my muskies will come prepared for this one!
  3. X could beat Umass, but only because things that shouldn't be happening are happening, a team that goes 10-6 could win the A-10
  4. You guys flat out beat us, but then lose to Umass? A lot of teams are going to have 3 losses by the end of today? I thought after you beat us at Cintas that the bilikens were the favorite, but in my opinion, there is no favorite and this could end up being a big tie for first between possibly 4 teams.
  5. OT: Xavier vs LaSalle

    Well I guess all teams have there struggles, Xavier in the biggest one but now that I've calmed down I guess the A-10 is up for grabs!
  6. Congrats on the A-10 Title!!!

    Also beat Dayton, I hate Dayton
  7. From a Xavier fan. You probably all know that Xavier has lost to La Salle. Now I guess this La Salle team may be a little better than the usual La Salle team but there is never an excuse for losing to a team like them. Xavier was sopposed to be able to make a final four run and at 8-0 it seemed true, but after the fight our weaknesses were exposed and now I'm not sure that this team will be good until every last "gangsta" has left the team. St. Louis on the other hand continues to impress and show that will probably beat us at Cintas. Majerous is a better coach than Mack (even though he shits in towels) and we may not qualify for the A-10 tourney this year. If I'm wrong and Xavier wins the A-10 than I might ###### in a towel but I guess I am just stunned by this loss. Good luck in the tournament Bilikens, you are representing the conference this year.