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  1. I sure hope that makes you feel better about your loss. A pathetic generalization of an entire state's population into one group is the best way for you to accept your loss? Knocking a fan base for supporting their team? Thats actually more pathetic. It just shows that you have no insults to the Lobo basketball program or team so you search for alternatives, and the best you have are misguided insults at the state. Owned
  2. A trailer is a house, so therefore they couldn't be "hobos". But I see what you are going for, hobos rhymes with lobos haha. Kinda like calling the Pit the "Armpit". You guys do make good puns
  3. why wouldn't we be? Do you think the committee is gonna watch the tape of this game and judge that the only reason we won was because we had a few calls go our way? They will see a W
  4. Yes I mean exactly that, obviously any contact in the paint is a foul. Dang those refs, they need to be fired.
  5. He is pretty isn't he? He's also pretty good at slamming Billiken balls into the backboard
  6. Wow thats so clever, you added 'arm' to the arena name to mock it. That is quite hilarious, Armpit lol. Yeah I'm sure you're arena is much better than The Armpit
  7. lol
  8. lol