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  1. The Missour St. Series

    Let's be honest, while we have pissed each other off over the last few days I think it is fun to have a little non-conference rivalry going and it is fun pissing you guys off, especially when we win. But I can appreciate you guys as an opponent and do appreciate the rivalry and something to get excited about. So good luck the rest of the year, hope you do well... just next time WE play, I hope you guys do terrible and shoot a 10% game... if that.
  2. The Missour St. Series

    I would love to play Mizzou but I'm not holding my breath. I hate them but oh well.. if they want to play us great, if they don't ... great. But I highly doubt we play Mizzou next year. They haven't played us in forever, there is nothing really new to make them want to play us now....
  3. The Missour St. Series

    I have an honest question with no hidden motives. Why exactly are you so mad at us not playing you next year? Do you understand why we can't play you next year? And while I have boasted on here before and been confrontational... I am asking an honest question. Honestly, we own the series between us and while I love playing an in-state rival and I am sure you do, why is missing a game next year SO bad? Because honestly, by the looks of it the chances of you winning aren't great ( not demeaning). Why Can't you put efforts towards playing SIU or University of Missouri-Columbia? SEMO even... (even though they are terrible).
  4. Mo St by 13 over the Bills

    This Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. Mo St by 13 over the Bills

    I can't wait to read the " only if we had mitchell" excuse after we beat them. SLU fans, you are retarded. I applaud you for supporting your school. Wouldn't expect anyone to NOT support their school. But let all of the "series" talk go. And get some vaseline ready for the new a-hole we are going to give you... you are terrible, idiotic d-bags with comments such as us having stds, being hoosiers, having no culture and so forth. You are idiots. In no way are you basing WHY you should win this game, instead you resort to attacking a city and area as reasons for.... well.... your guess is as good as mine. For that reasons, I hate you and you can all kiss my a$$... screw yourselves...
  6. Mo St by 13 over the Bills

    I don't disagree with you. I believe you. You know why? Because I am from St. Louis, in fact I was born in Miami to a cuban mother... kinda cultured myself. I was defending your attacks on the city of Springfield, let's be honest, it is no St. Louis, but St. Louis is no LA or NYC... so its all relative... I am saying though that our student body is made of St. Louis so just because we WENT to MSU, doesn't mean we are hicks, we just went to a different institution. That said, I love how not one of you has commented on my other points about your trip to Springfield... you suck and you will lose and I hope your bus breaks down you pathetic fools. Suck it...
  7. Mo St by 13 over the Bills

    PS... we don't claim to be the best in the country... we would most likely lose to Duke as well... but one thing is for sure, you do not match up to us. You suck.. again....
  8. Mo St by 13 over the Bills

    What is funny is the fact that the majority of Missouri State is comprised of St. Louis and Kansas City students. We have grown up in the same culture. Whats funny is some of you GO to SLU but you are probably from Pacific, Eureka, Wentzville, Ofallon etc... so you are easily just as hoosier as people from Springfield, if not more. Now, the only reason you guys are traveling to Springfield for this game is because you are pissed no one showed up last year, when there were just as much, if not more Missouri State fans than there were SLU fans... at home! Not to mention we took over your terrible student section. You are coming because you are pissed, not because you are good. No one cares about you, and after we win, you will just be a stat... so have fun watching Majerus have a heart attack and your team fouling us with 10 seconds left while down 23 points. I hate you, your team and your fan base. You are terrible so suck it ....