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  1. Do they still have dinner clubs at the ivies? I like that idea.
  2. Dillards list of schools

    enjoy the police line-up, fellas.
  3. Aren't they the Roadrunners? -exiting stage left...
  4. New Atlantic 10

    Not bad. Would like to meet the guy that has that much time on his hands!
  5. New Atlantic 10

    But that was because he was "too small" to play at UT. This was, of course, pre-Colt McCoy. Also, Chase Daniel hails from the state. I'm sure he will be a good resource for Pinkel to have when he gets done changing the diapers of that cute Brees baby from the Super Bowl.
  6. New Atlantic 10

    Ah...ok. Well I think that would be interesting...as far as $ goes, would a game at Kemper fill the coffers of both schools? How would that work?
  7. New Atlantic 10

    Good to know. I'm wondering what the Rock Chalk boards are saying about this...
  8. New Atlantic 10

    I think GP can do the job with Mizzou in the Big Ten. I'm not sure what his strategy is for recruiting, but the if he can connect Columbia to the Chicago pipeline that has historically connected Iowa City and Ann Arbor via South Bend, I think he'll be ok. He won't get any top 50 Wisconsin or Minny recruits. They tend to stay at home. Fitz at Northwestern wants guys who play exactly like he did when he was tearing it up at LB and high character people, so Pinkel knows he can't get those types to commit to Mizzou. KC and Chicago are good recruiting grounds and with good alumni contingencies to support their program. Pinkel is a good coach and I think he'd probably welcome the challenge to bring his Tigers into Happy Valley or Camp Randall on a Saturday night... question -- would the Illinois game be moved to alternate campus sites or stay in STL??
  9. New Atlantic 10

    Good luck getting any SLU fan to click on that link. I don't follow the NBA, but I will root against any team that pays D. Wade or Travis Diener. Talk about ripping the heart out. When SLU held Marquette to a school-record low at the Bradley Center the last time the two schools met as C-USA foes, I went to services at my church and thanked God...not knowing of the 20 point disaster at George Washington that was to come...karma, I guess...
  10. New Atlantic 10

    Would the Texas schools just seceed already?
  11. Summer workouts and fan viewing

    Wouldn't that help a program?
  12. Summer workouts and fan viewing

    I figured that much with Coach Majerus. It's interesting to note how many BCS schools will hold open practices on football Saturdays in the fall...Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium in Champaign share parking lots so I know Bill Self used open it up to people during the football season (after Midnight Madness). Not sure he does that at Kansas or not. I have never been to Lawrence.
  13. New Atlantic 10

    Hard to imagine the Big East/Atlantic taking SLU just a few years after it didn't even place a phone call to Doug Woolard, who is now reaping the benefits of the Big East @ USF. Perhaps he knew something we didn't?
  14. Summer workouts and fan viewing

    I will do just that, GOSLU68. Thanks! knockahoma
  15. Does anyone know what the rules are (NCAA and Rick's Rules) about viewing summer practices/open gyms? Can a casual fan off the street pop into Chaifetz and watch?? Any insights would be great. Haven't been to the new arena yet, but visiting family in St. Louis for a week in July and curious about watching the boys. Thanks guys. I guess I should say I'm a message board version of the "Longtime listener, first time caller" variety. Thanks. knockahoma