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  1. The Fetz? Let's End This Right Now.

    the nickname the "fetz" is a very good one. The fetz nickname is necessary for that fantastic fez hat idea
  2. A new Billiken tradition

    You guys should do that even if RM doesn't come. That would be hilarious. You billikens are very clever
  3. Gillen status?

    nevermind, bobby was with Gillen at Xavier, Providence, and UVa (at the start).
  4. Gillen status?

    Very true, but did Gillen have Bobby at Xavier, where he became their winningest coach? If I were SLU Gillen would be my 2nd choice.
  5. Gillen status?

    sorry if you take offense, but the A10 is usually considered mid-major, although some years it doesn't act like one. I have a lot of respect for A10 basketball. Two years ago UVa lost to Fordham at home (although we didn't have our best player, and only had 7 scholarship players), still I don't underestimate A10 schools. So what is Gillen's status?
  6. Gillen status?

    I know you are all really hoping for majerus, but what is your status with Gillen? As a UVa fan, I know the benefits and drawbacks of Gillen, but overall he'd be very successful at a mid-major like SLU. Gillen is not great for player development, his teams don't play defense, and he burns a million timeouts (this gets very frustrating). However, the guy is a great person, very funny with witty one-liners, and he can recruit (especially in the A10, the ACC got a little overwhelming for him towards the end). He's had great success at Xavier and Providence, and was very well-liked at UVa (some fans called the dawning of 2000 beginning of the "Gillenium"), yet he failed to develop some of the talent he had in front of him, and eventually lost the fans and his team. I'm just wondering what his status is with SLU. However, Majerus would be great for you guys and you should first pursue him. He would bring increased credibility and talent to your program.