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  1. OT: Local going Pro

    That's "on one phrase"...not "on on phrase"... isn't it? Just thought I'd ask. Apparently you copied off me in grade school. Harsh? Not only calling the kid a d-bag, a terrible person and his father worse...but wishing he does terrible and not seeing any time in the NBA? etc...ect... My spelling is atrocious but I have never wished bad things happen to anyone just because I didn't like that person... I have yet to hear reason...why is Ahearn a d-bag...a terrible person? Why do you wish he has a poor showing in the NBA? Why will it make you happy not to read or hear his name again? Because he shot baskets everyday at the Y?....Because he logged them on a clipboard?...Because he stayed back a year in school?...Because he broke his arm during a game?...Because his classmates didn't come to his game?....What has this kid done? And further yet...where is the reasoning in your reasoning???????
  2. OT: Local going Pro

    ""On a role?" You're even inventing phrases! I guess you missed the chapter on homonyms in second grade." Would you believe typo? Okay, you got me... I should have looked for less fun...killed less afternoons...and studied Spelling Unit 6.
  3. OT: Local going Pro

    Excuse me, am I'm missing something here? Nashville, do you know that Ward and June Cleaver were just characters in a sitcom? What parent didn't at one time embarrass his kid in front of his peers? I am not picking on Pistol. However, if you come on here and make statements like he has.... you should be able to back them up...especially if you are addressing a person's character....I have yet to hear his explanation about why he called Ahearn a d-bag? Nothing he has written so far gives me this impression...picking on him?....no...just requesting some facts...
  4. OT: Local going Pro

    "I can guarantee you that for every 1 Blake Ahearn there are 99 no-names who now hate their parents for robbing their childhood to grasp at the possibility of a college scholarship that never comes to fruition." One more thing...Name those 99 people...come on Pistol...you're on a role!
  5. OT: Local going Pro

    "Think about it this way- what if Blake didn't get a college scholarship? What if he didn't pan out as a high school basketball star? What if he didn't get to the NBDL and a 10-day contract with the Miami Heat?" Pistol, What if God didn't make little green apples? What if...it never rained in Indianapolis in the summertime?... "My brother and I would shoot around, swim, play racquetball- whatever it took to have fun and kill the afternoons. Blake, who age-wise was between my brother and me, would be at one basket taking hundreds of three-pointers and free throws, and logging them on a clipboard." I guess that's why your here explaining or arguing your unfounded statements...and Ahearn's in the NBA. Perhaps you should have forgotten the "whatever it took to have fun and kill the afternoons" thing...huh? Excuse me, but I think your brother is a d-bag for being right next to you at the Y and not pointing out this very thing to you years ago. I think I know now where your hositilities stem from....it's not Ahearn or his dad...it's your brother! Since you no longer want to "defend" yourself on the Ahearn issue...try this one...."Is the earth round?"
  6. OT: Local going Pro

    I agree with you...however...I can never resist a "cheap shot" remark about Ahearn where Roy is concerned. He's still in denile.
  7. OT: Local going Pro

    Roy, oh Roy, oh Roy, First: "We all know what a talent scout you are Roy. You thought Kevin Lisch's brother should have been all Metro." If I my memory serves me correctly...and I think it does...it was you that said Clark was the better recruit when the decision was made to take him over Ahearn....I haven't "misquoted" you...have I? As a matter of fact you were Clark's biggest supporter...I think I remember that correctly also. Now here's the "fact". Ahearn wasn't good enough for Billiken Blue...only Miami Red....go figure! Second: "what is boggling me with this ahearn with the heat thing, just who is he guarding? i am guessing that in practice pat riley beats his a$$ in one on one matches." I don't think it's Pat Riley...I think he guarding Clark...oh wait....Clark isn't in the NBA! Still boggled, Roy?
  8. OT: Local going Pro

    Pistol, first off I don't know Blake Ahearn (personally) but I have only heard good things about him from people who do...and it's not all just basketball related. Now, if your story is true I am assuming his father's decision to keep his son back paid off...as far as getting a scholarship and his education paid for...getting his degree...and now playing in the NBA....IMO...it was a good decision. I fail however to understand why you attack the character of these two people. I haven't heard anything about the father so you must have something more substantial to go by when you made comments about him....so...really my question to you is this....are you formulating your opinion of these people based on the story you told me (Ahearn staying back a grade)...if so I fail again to see how this so called decision makes people a "d-bag" and a another person even worse than that I am sure you have to be making these opinions based on something other than your story? What are the "facts" you know to attack these people's "character"?
  9. OT: Local going Pro

    Pistol, don't sugar coat it...tell us how you really feel. Tell me were you that fat kid with pimples at Desmet everyone made fun of? It seems to me you have a lot of issues.
  10. OT: Local going Pro

    Where the heck have you been the last five years? Ahearn wasn't good enough for Billiken Blue. Just ask Billiken Roy and about 80% of the other posters on this board.
  11. Majerus on Let's Be Frank Segment

    I guess will never know who was the better recruit than huh?
  12. Majerus on Let's Be Frank Segment

    Naw! Let's not! He wasn't a good enough player to wear Billiken Blue....Better yet...let's ask Billiken Roy....where's Clark?
  13. >because i wouldnt make the statement at all if it was not >the norm. why would anyone else? they dont normally score >only 51 and turn it over 22 times but you said they wont win >again doing that. Billiken Roy...you were saying...
  14. "...again, you made a stupid point, so i did as well to show your own ridiculous statement for what it was." Roy, if I jumped off a cliff would you follow me? Don't you have an original thought of your own? If my statements are so stupid why just reiterate them? Where did I say 51 points and 22 turnovers are the norm for the Billikens. My statement was that we are going to half to do better than this to win games. How did you insinuate from my statement that this is what I supposedly see when I sit at the games? If 51 points and 22 turnovers are acceptable in your eyes---okay.
  15. Billiken Roy, try winning tonight with 51 points and 22 turnovers. Instead of the refs telling us if we lost or won on the last second video.they can tell us if we lost by 29 or 30. As far as the outcome of the MSU game it's still a win for us and nothing can be done but it was a mistake or a bad call. As far as going back to look at Mitchell's traveling that is not review-able. I thought you knew basketball. As far as the Gonzaga/Duke game your right they only scored 54 points but they only had 10 turnovers. I don't think we are nearly the team Gonzaga is so yes I do believe they will win more games this year.