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  1. Is next year make or break for Brad?

    I commend Biondi for his pursuit of a top-notch academic institution! However, he does not care about the importance of champhionship athletic programs. So what, we are getting a new facility. It is privately funded and the main arena will be the tennant of around 35 home basketball games (men/women) per year. A remaining 120 events will be held to generate revenue and the athletes will have to take a back-seat to those events when they want to workout, have camps, etc. Please, I am tired of hearing about Larry's commitment.
  2. Devonna Smith commits to SLU

    In the '08 class, TeAndrea Smith is an immediate impact type player! Jones is good, but Smith is superior skill wise and athletically! The down-fall on Smith is that she will have to go Juco or to a state school that has low admission standards. Shimmy and her asst. Tony has spent several hours in the high school recruiting this kid, but she hasn't learned how to work hard in the books yet. Devonna is an athletic freak. At 6-0, she dunked one of the small giveaway balls after a women's game - In JEANS! The kid's best ball is still ahead of her as she continues to learn the game! V, you are correct, Devonna is the real deal. Saw where someone on the dispatch forum says this program can't win with Shimmy coaching! As Dr. Phil would say, "Are you nuts!"
  3. Most Assuredly!! As it stands now, coaches pay for their own cell-phone bills. Coaches make recruiting trips over five hours away by car, in one day, because the budget is tight. (Not very safe having a coach driving at 2:00am) Cheryl begs and pleads for her staff to receive the same resources as the majority of Valley schools. It's also been said that when the new arena arrives, the teams will only play in it, not practice, in an effort to save on the light bill! This is information coming out of midtown and cannot be proven, but does come from reputable sources.
  4. Positive Recruiting thoughts......

    V, don't try to hoodwink and bamboozle us. While the Butler kid is a decent player and I am sure a wonderful young lady, she does not posses the skills of Shimmy's freshmen or her '07 recruits. Let's see, Georgetown, the team that just lost to Towson last night, enough said. The kid at LSU had no shot at gaining admittance into SLU with the academic standards. Why is Ruff in street clothes? Noticed that down at Scottrade the other night.
  5. Positive Recruiting thoughts......

    Shimmy had 3 freshmen lead the team in scoring last night, pulls in a high profile recruiting class in just her second year, from all accounts is about to land and even better '08 class and you come on here just to hate. Get a life partner. Your recruits you mention are quality NAIA players - I'll give you that. Keep up the great work Shimmy and staff! Out here on the streets, the word about the Billiken women is on point. Don't let the ignorance of a very few, and I mean very few, cloud the excitement you are generating!
  6. Shakara Jones

    What a beautiful relationship it could be; one of the best metro-area players being coached by one of the best young coaches in the country. I hope Shakara realizes how much this city would take care of her if she stayed home and was a key member in putting the women's team at the top of the conference and in the NCAA's on a consistent basis!!!! The decision is your's kid, but we like when our very best stay at home!! Regardless - you've done a great job to this point!
  7. Lady Billikens basketball

    Don't compare Shimmy to Pizzotti, there is no comparison and it is totally unfair to Shimmy! Someone who truly cares about the Billikens should want to see all athletic teams succeed as it makes the entire department look good. Doesn't mean you have to like that particular sport, but your bad-mouthing is disrespectful. Continue supporting the boys and keep the trap shut if you do not have anything positive to say about other teams. One of the great things about living in this country is our freedom of speech, which allows some people to show their ingnorance!