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  1. This game says it all!!!!!!!

    Good win guys. Your boys executed on offense, played with poise and hit their shots. We should've played better defense, but kudos to your offensive execution.
  2. charlotte game

    This is a critical game for the Niners. We need to win out until GW to have even the slightest, smallest, tiniest sliver of hope. Our Bigs have found foul trouble lately. The bast 2 or 3 games almost all of our guys have fouled out. We have to fix that. However our energy and defense will be there. SLU has a tough road ahead of them.
  3. Myspace.com

    Don't you have to reply or click something or am I wrong? It's been a long LONG time since I registered at NinerNation.net
  4. Myspace.com

    That's normal. Send her back and hop on over.
  5. Myspace.com

    Didn't Withers drop 39 on him last year. You have a short memory.
  6. Myspace.com

    Don't get your panties in a bunch. No one is planning on using that. I said it would be effective but too low for us to use. Others agreed that children are sacred and should be left out of chants. We have some class. As for D'Nice who "Doesn't drink Pepsi but sells coke" You'd better believe he's going to hear it. I'll make sure of that. As for JJ who's best physical feature is "his #*$%" he'll catch some heat too. However by all accounts I wouldn't expect anyone to use his baby in a chant. I do however agree that they shouldn't put that type of information up. Their are some students at certain Navy Blue Clad North Carolina based Institutions who would have 0 hesitation using that to get into his head.