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  1. Random thoughts

    well if u notice this team does alot of standing around, so to help AD with this question you pose about going to the basket out of control, he goes to the basket hard, teammates should be cutting to the basket -but they are not, they think AD is going to throw up a shot, like the rest of this team so often does when going to the hole. the billikens have a great team, they are definetly a tournament bound team, but they have to play a more team oriented style like the rest of the really talented teams. North Carolina, with all of that talent has set plays and is constantly making the extra pass. extra pass =equals great team basketball, extra pass= equals better shots, great team basketball and better shots= equals NCAAs no questions asked. BILLIKENS HAVE THE TOOLS IN THE TOOL BOX, its time to stop making excuses and play ball, these guys are young but prep school and years and years of playing basketball, forget whos a freshman, whos a sophmore, whos a junior and senior, basketball is basketball, play team ball, set screens for each other instead of running by each other and make that extra pass, believe me you guys will win lots of games the rest of the season. GO TO THE NCAAs, WIN THE CONFERENCE, BE A TEAM, REMEMBER THESE TIMES AS GOOD ONES, WHEN LOOK BACK YOU'LL REMEMEBER THE CHAMPIONSHIPS AND NOT THE POINTS PER GAME.
  2. Maybe UB knows something

    DID U KNOW ?????? DREJAJ had elbow surgery this past summer to remocve about 5 pieces of chipped bones that he had in his elbow.
  3. Drejaj

    I see alot of negative talk about this drejaj kid, but i was reading into some stats, and he seems to be a major ingredient for the billikens. He is going to break into the all time list in at least two or three categories. he is five steals away from the 10 spot in all time steals but if he has his average 40 steals this year he will be second all- time, and alot of people have him on the bench or want him on the bench. yeah his shooting has been off but not to knock reggie and izik they definetlry were not the most team oriented players. perry and fisher did a great job of spreading the ball over the years when they were here. ne way goodluck billikens lets get this ncaa berth, and lets have fun, lets get postive on this board, and we definetley have a great team this season especially the guards. watch out a-10 u heard it here first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! billikens in the tourney baby !!!!!!!!!! we have diaper dandy's and they could help lead us to the promise land
  4. I see that drejaj and lisch had a good practice this morning.