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  1. It's about friggin' time you shut the hell up!! Everyone knows Park's grads are idiots. Thats why I got my degree in Political Science.
  2. Way to go buddy! Way to be the first guy out there to start name calling. You are doing a great service to those who share your own beliefs by belittling another person's perspective. It brings an air of classiness to this board, far above the realm of rational discussion and represents the spirit of intollerance of individuals such as yourself. Other people should not be allowed to have their own opinion. And, sir, if they do... and if it is not exactly like yours, then of course, they must be an idiot. It disgusts me that anyone would not believe exactly the way you do. It is very apparent that you are smarter than anyone else and all of your ideas and opinions must be correct. I am sorry that anyone has ever disagreed with your ideology and I personally would like to extend an apology to you in the hopes that you will continue to grace this board with your ever-encomassing knowledge of politics and continue sharing your single-minded conservative perspective. If we all work together, maybe....just maybe, we can stamp out tolerance and respect in this country, and, sir, I nominate you to lead the charge!
  3. Kansas didn't beat Missouri. Missouri lost to Kansas. They were just jealous. John Brown rocks. Go Pottawatomie. (It's a Kansas thing. Sorry.)
  4. Fr. Fitzgerald

    SLU website article: http://www.slu.edu/readstory/newslink/4086
  5. definitely looks like Boone County to me.
  6. Virgin Islands tourney

    I second the motion! We would definitely have to ditch our stripes for Hawaiian shirts!
  7. Chicago ..

    Would it have even been possible for Savvis to turn around from hosting the wrestling tournament, host an NIT game, and make news ice for the Blues?
  8. ND game on CCIN

    Which local bar(s) has a giant tv or screen AND gets cable?
  9. Somebody Charter a Flight

    On priceline.com: $396 round trip from St. Louis to Chicago to Ft. Wayne and back, says it is roughly a 3 to 3 and a half hour flight. I knew I shouldn't have blown all my money in Cincy!
  10. Student Turnout

    ......doubt it, but if we do end up in New York by some chance, it would not surprise me to see Biondi. I have seen him at a couple of conference tournaments, but not in recent years. He is a busy man, but I bet the Big Apple would draw the Big Guy. I'm looking up puddle jumper flights to Ft. Wayne, but I'm not expecting to find anything.
  11. Student Turnout

    Just curious if anyone has any estimates on how many students actually made it last night and whether or not the busses ran smoothly. All I know is it was decently roaring in there and I would like to see more of the same for Saturday. Given the opportunity, the athletic department should throw a pregame party on saturday before the busses leave and maybe we could fill the arena. I would like to see more blue and white and less green and gold (assuming we play ND).
  12. Just curious

    The Swarm still have their website up if anyone is actually interested: http://www.stlswarm.com/