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  1. thanks for the welcome...i have read that you hang out in debalivere wary of the women at nik' never know which team they play for
  2. the governor expects that you will eat your words
  3. dc is like that cute girl that is trying to shake the braces, bad bangs, and big glasses...all it takes is some opportunity to grow
  4. longtime reader, firstime poster...i'm expecting a big win this saturday...memphis is poorly coached and our squad is ripe for explosion...word on the street is that tommie needs to improve the grades and test scores...losing tommie will really hurt the backcourt next season...what is the latest on the arena project? the clock is ticking for an a-10 opener...word is that brad and his crew are going to have to spread their recruiting wings a little farther and wider next year because after lisch the local pickings are slim...did anyone catch the recent slu grad on american idol? the kid was dogging the lou...check out is a great place to discuss local sports, politics, news, and women...word is that patience with husak is going to pay off big a few years...i'm out of here