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  1. Temple to Big East Official

    That makes the most sense to me. It's all only going to get worse once Syracuse & Pitt leave for the ACC & I'd be willing to bet that UConn & one other team jump ship to the ACC too, and that'll be the first 16 team mega-conference (disclaimer: not at all an original thought). Then you'll have the B1G and SEC grabbing football programs so they can get to 16 as well. If everybody raids the Big East for football (which I could see for teams like Louisville, Rutgers & maybe even Cinci), that could be good for SLU if it leaves Marquette & DePaul without a home.
  2. Temple to Big East Official

    I know Majerus crows all the time about the travel requirements that being in the A-10 causes; perhaps this will be the first move that will eventually lead to SLU moving back to a Midwest-based conference? Unfortunately it's football that's driving this whole thing. Who are the best basketball-only programs out there as you guys see it? It might make sense for them to just go ahead & band together now.
  3. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    Seriously though, what Mizzou gets from its non-conference schedule (which this year featured 2 Big East teams, 1 Pac 12 team, and 1 B1G team) is they win, and have a good RPI, and make the tournament, and not have to worry about whether or not SLU played way over their heads and pulled off a big upset that might hurt them come Tourney time.
  4. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    You know what they say: "don't feed the trolls" . . . guess that's why there's 137 replies to this thread, most of them after I got here. Since you definitely vanquished the evil Mizzou troll today I'll just go back under my bridge with my striped tail tucked between my legs. Wait, is it "don't feed the trolls" or "you gotta pay the troll toll"? I always forget.
  5. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    Yeah I don't love the handle either, but I believe I was 14 or 15 years old when I made this profile, so I'm stuck with it.
  6. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    If you check my profile, I've been on this message board since 1999. Yep, no joke. I just don't usually post. Guess I was feeling feisty today. For the record: I never said Mizzou was too good to play SLU, I just don't see how Mizzou has much of anything to gain from it, so I understand why Alden won't do it, and I've been trying to explain that all day.
  7. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    I'm sure you all love Pistol and everything, but nit-picking typos and making fun of where people went to school isn't really why I came here. Just standing up for myself mang. I'll leave it alone now.
  8. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    And Pistol, just in case you were wondering how "one of South Carolina's public schools" measures up to SLU... U.S. News and World Report 2012 Best Colleges Rankings: Clemson University #68 http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/clemson-university-3425 Saint Louis University #90 http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/st.-louis-university-2506 I do believe I just dropped some "Noledge" on you, even if I can't spell because I went to school in South Carolina.
  9. Just stirring the pot.

  10. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    I agree that Burwell is delusional to think KU would show up to an early-season tourney in St. Louis that includes Mizzou, but if you take Kansas out of the equation, why doesn't St. Louis have a big early-season tourney at the Dome or Scottrade? It could even include Mizzou and SLU, not as a guaranteed game, but a possible second or final round matchup. I'd sign up for that, just add in a couple fluff teams another mid major and another big boy or two and you've got it. 8 teams, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, not a bad idea.
  11. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    Hardly beloved, so I'm not bothered by it. I'm still here if you haven't noticed. Just thought I'd point that out. Mkaythanks.
  12. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    Yeah... that's exactly the kind of crap the selection committee loves to pull. Like when they made Mizzou and 8/9 seed in Duke's region a year or two after Quinn left there to ruin Missouri's basketball team. I wouldn't be at all surprised honestly, and I'd be fine with it. Neutral site, means the world to both teams, I'll take that.
  13. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    Have fun with these facts: Mizzou has more NCAA appearances, Sweet Sixteens, Elite Eights, #1 Seeds in the NCAA Tournament, Conference Regular Season Titles, and Conference Tournament Championships than SLU does, all while playing in a major conference against superior competition. That's basically every winning metric I can think of other than overall wins, but I couldn't find the statistics on that quickly so I left it off, but I'd bet Mizzou has more of those too. That Mizzou is a better program than SLU is both my opinion, and can be factually supported. There you go. Thanks for playing.
  14. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    You have the right to ***** & moan all you want, hell I'll even complain that Kansas should keep playing Mizzou after we bolt for the SEC, but I understand why they don't want to play us. Is it better for the game if Mizzou & Kansas play ever season, and Mizzou & SLU play every season? Sure, I'll give you that, but I get why it won't happen. You have the right to get upset that Alden won't make it happen, but I also have the right to say "right on" to Alden for doing what he thinks is best for the program. I just wish that back a couple of years ago when Kwamain and Willie were in hot water, that someone felt the need to distract from that mess by starting a "Mizzou is dodging us!" thread. Maybe they did and I just didn't know about it, but what drives me nuts is my perception that this only is a big discussion when SLU is competitive. You're never going to hear the outcry from Mizzou fans for a game, so you guys have to go nuts about it all the time for it to happen. At least that's how I see it. Lastly, my point on football & money isn't that money is a bad thing, or that Mizzou doesn't want the money. Rather, my point is that b/c of the huge amount of football revenue, Mizzou doesn't NEED the money from playing SLU, so they can make their decision on whether or not to play them based solely on basketball program reasoning, and not even consider the potential money.
  15. Burwell Article - MU vs. SLU

    It had been way too long since we had any actual Mizzou/SLU banter. I suppose I can thank Burwell for that, but don't ask me to do it again or I'll have to take a shower.