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Shooting problems


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After watching the Marquette and WVU game where Marquette shot 57% for the game and got blown out by WVU who hit 20 of 38 treys, I was reminded how poorly we shoot the ball - as a team. This has become something of a chronic problem. It is apparent we have coaches who can coach the heck out of defense but we have an uncreative offense that is a best hit and miss(compared to WVU alot of teams look uncreative). We continually struggle to score points, at times it is almost painful to watch. I knew that early hype about running up and down the court and scoring a lot of points wouldn't last.

I wonder when Brad or someone says, "we've got to get some help in here" and we go out and find an assistant coach who is offensively minded and has something of a track record. Somebody out there must be able to correct our shooting problems better than anyone on our coaching staff.In addition, the casual fan doesn't come back often to watch teams who consistently score in the 50 and 60's and shoot in the 30% range.

I agree with Nark that Brad's pulling players abruptly seems to have contributed to a confidence problem on offense for several players. In contrast, WVU Coach Beiline said after their game, "I tell my guys when they feel it, let it fly." And man do they with confidence.

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