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White Pelican

Shooting underhand

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I attended the women's 76-61 win over SEMO this evening. While the game itself was entertaining, the highlight for me was the Royal Banks (cha-ching) Shots for Cash.

A young lady (probably a student though I'm not sure) was selected to attempt to win 200 bucks. She made her layup on the second try and then went to the free throw line and started shooting granny-style free throws. I think maybe her 3rd or 4th went in. She then went to the 3 point line and to my amazement, started shooting 3 pointers, also granny-style! Her first was so lame and short that I said "oh no, no, NO!

Well, what the hell do I know?

She kept at it, and on her last attempt as the clock ran out, she put one in.

Now, she missed on her attempt to double her money, (also granny-style) but still went home with that giant $200 check. And she did it her way. Old School Granny-Style!

Oh, and the women made plenty of free throws (the manly way) such that I will get yet another free chicken sammich tomorrow at the Hampton and Chippewa Chick-Fil-A. (cha-ching)

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