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  1. -these quotes AMAZE me, where in the heck did this attitude come from???? did the coaches see it in practice?? unreal

    emphasis added

    “It set off a huge red flag,” SLU forward Dwayne Evans said. “These last two games pretty much told us we can’t come out and expect to win without doing the right thing. We came out a little bit entitled the last couple games because we’ve been playing well, and we didn’t get the job done. Hopefully that’s a lesson learned.”

    “Those two games are like a reality check,” forward Cory Remekun said. “We have to come ready every night. We’re not good enough to come out and just play. We have to compete.”

    We have to focus more on both ends of the floor,” Remekun said. “We have to pay more attention to what makes us good.”

    -Entitled??? from or for what??? the last couple of games?? you lose to Temple and still have it??? Hopefully??? it better have been learned

    I take those quotes with a grain of salt. They are basically just sports cliches that the players are throwing out there. We didn't come out ready to play, have to learn from this, etc. What do you expect them to say about the losses? We played like like garbage and our team just isn't very good?

    +1 What do we expect them to say. It's pretty much the same thing after every loss.

    Perhaps something like this would be better?

    "I'm a monster out there on the boards," says Dwayne Evans, "But I take the ball to the hole like a ***** and can't seem to finish".

    "The problem is our coaching staff. If we had the big guy here, we'd be undefeated....but between the Jim's and Tanner we're pretty much fuocked" states a disgruntled Cody Ellis.

  2. Can somebody ban Henry permanently? He has not had one post on here that isn't politically motivated. If I'm going to get riled up on billikens.com, it's going to be over a disagreement on the direction of this team. Not the direction of the country. Just reading that sentence has me itching to write an essay on why I disagree....but I won't. :)

    It would sure be nice if Bob and Joe were supporting us, but I'm doubtful this is driven by anything other than $$ if the TV stations are involved. It's an unfortunate commentary on the state of college athletics.

  3. Why anybody takes issue with the Wiz's numbers is beyond me. The guy picks winners time and time again. He has been here for years and is right 90% of the time...not only with the winner but with the spread. I'm guessing he hasn't worked in years with this system. I'd bet the farm...

  4. Carter was awesome last night. As somebody else said, this is something the team hasn't had this year. A TRUE point guard. The issue with KC now is his defense. It is horrible and I'm not usually one to focus on defense. He will be a major liability when we have more competition. Hopefully the staff is working on it.

  5. We offer pretty much everything (geography, tv market, facilities, etc.) except a historically dominant basketball program. Details!

    I really like the fact we were reportedly one of 3 teams mentioned in the Sunday meeting. We still need the leadership of the university to step up and finish the deal though.

    Is it just me or do you guys think it would be a done deal for SLU to the new Catholic Conference if RM was still in charge? Just don't have the confidence in our administration. BUT... I guess the new A10 is pretty good too, so it's a win/win.
  6. Billiken fans, players and the world lost a good one last night. As a few people already mentioned, he made us better basketball fans. His teams played basketball the right way and once he got his team, the sky was the limit. I really thought he was going to pull through this and sit courtside next to Chaifetz by the end of the season. RIP Rick, you will be missed more than you ever thought.

  7. I found this link through Xfinity doing a google search. I'm not sure if it will show the game, but it is currently working for me....I am also a Comcast subscriber. Currently showing TX Southern vs. Colorodo...


    EDIT: I also found the link below. If you are using somebody other than Comcast, you may be able to access the game this way. Who knows if any of this will work, but it is looking hopeful...


  8. Wonderful now we run into another problem! According to http://pac-12.com/ScheduleResults.aspx we are competing with:

    Cal St. Northridge @ UCLA shown on Pac-12 Network, Pac-12 Arizona, Pac-12 Bay Area, Pac-12 Los Angeles while we are

    Saint Louis @ Washington shown on Pac-12 Mountain, Pac-12 Oregon, Pac-12 Washington

    Therefore, it would appear we aren't even on dish networks 413 channel but rather Pac-12 sub regional channels. Does anyone have any idea how theses work on dish network?

    And I'm sorry 05, but it appears more and more likely you may be watching that damn computer screen :/ but hey it's still going to be a broadcast of the TV feed. Unless ya'll want me to tell them pirates to back off? However, I have kind of been begging them to host this game for us!

    I know I gave you some grief about the home games, but let it be known that I immensely appreciate the work you are doing on away games. I think most of us would be extremely thankful for an online feed tonight. I've already notified my team that I'll be in a little late tomorrow, so I'm gearing up for a late night!
  9. Alright guys, it's time to move on and be positive again. The game the other night was awful. I didn't even check the board for almost 2 days. It is, what it is...we lost at home to a good WCC team. They will be a top 100 team. Things could be worse.

    We still have a good...no great...group of kids. There is a lot of talent in the bunch. I'm hoping this was a kick in the ass for both the team and the coach. I think we all bought into the hype and this has happened before. Everytime we get on a roll and our heads get big, we seem to lay an egg. I'm betting we come out strong next week. This team has been through soooo much between the debacle 2 years ago, all the issues with Rick's health, players health, assistant turnover and now playing for a new head coach. These guys are tough...they just need to show it. We weren't going undefeated and I would have bet the farm we would win on Wednesday. But we didn't. I'm moving on. Big games next week. Let's do this!

  10. My guess is they get very few subscribers overall.

    Exactly my point. If you take the 20 people using the pirated fee (minimum guess), that is an extra grand/year if only subscribed for the season. That would easily pay for an upgrade of the web cam...maybe HD...assuming we get a majority % of the income. If they upgrade the webcam, maybe that would facilitate more users. A grand isn't much money, but with our penny pinching administration, it won't be put toward the feed. I think we'd need to generate revenue before investing more $$ in infrastructure.

    That being said, I think the whole thing should be free. But, the university has made a decision not to do that, so it's a pipe dream.

  11. Thanks for this info. One thing I just want to add...

    I think it is time for most of you guys to buck up and pay the fee. I canceled my subscription at the beginning of last year because the service was very poor. I had no issue watching a pirated feed when they were not providing the service I paid for. We'd be lucky to get a feed and sound was a no go. I think our success and lots of complaints have increased the priority of having an acceptable feed. For those that don't know, the "free" stream is nothing more than a hijacking of the paid site. The paid site has lots improvements that it could make...BUT...if nobody is paying for it, I don't expect those improvements to come.

    It's one thing to miss a game in person and catch it free online. Those of you who go to the pirated feeds every single game need to pay. it's illegal, it hurts the Billikens, and it puts the quality of the feed at risk for the rest of us.

  12. The guys are looking good. Was hoping for a bigger score differential at the half, but I'll take it. Was most impressed with Corey and John. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come and not just dominating inferior talent. Loe is pretty quiet so far.

    Anybody know how to view the box score/player stats on the gamecast?

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