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  1. How does KSU look in comparison to Nebraska?
  2. Good game guys. I am pleased with how KSU played. We have a lot of young guys as well. Your three point % is out of control lol
  3. Cummings went out at 9 minutes. He is our best player. Game is over.
  4. KSU sure has come out flat in both halfs. The way you are shooting three's it seems as if the Owls are done.
  5. 16-4 SLU. If you want try going to the 920 AM atlanta web page.
  6. Kennesaw State

    You will be able to buy one at the door. They are not a very strong program. I believe they lost to Wofford.
  7. Kennesaw State

    Thanks for the reply. I noticed you had a young team but seeing how well you played against Nebraska you clearly have talent. Our team is also much more talented than it was when we played you in 2005. That was our first year of the Division I transition period and the NCAA would not allow us hold onto many of our D-2 players. We had a make shift line up. I am just hoping our team can compete and not get blown out by 15 +. We are green this year as well.
  8. Kennesaw State

    I am a Kennesaw fan and I was wondering what you guys think the final score will look like tomorrow. How does your team this year compare to the one we played in 05?