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  1. Not me personally, but I suspect others might, and there isn't much I can do about that except cringe. Cheers !
  2. Best of luck to the Billikens tonight ! A win for St. Louis tonight is as important for Dayton as it is for you, so you will have all of the Flyer Faithful rooting for you (for whatever that's worth). All of us in Dayton will be thrilled if the Billikens stomp the cock-roach Musketeers into the mud, where they belong.
  3. I genuinely like St. Louis and certainly do not intend to post anything that you would consider offensive or inflamatory. But I am a bit disappointed in your coach's negative attitude about the basketball team of the fine institution that is paying his very high salary. Here is what Coach Majerus had to say after the game (registration is required but free): Re-energized Flyers rout Billikens (Dayton Daily News, January 31) Excerpt: First-year coach Rick Majerus wasn't optimistic about the Billikens' future. "We probably have to be the smallest team in the league and the least athletic," Majerus said bluntly. "That's two things you don't want to be." Coach: if you can't think of anything good to say about your team, it's better to say nothing at all. Hopefully, last night's game will serve as some serious motivation for the Billikens, and they can get another big win at home. Road games are very tough to win in the A10. Only five days ago, the Flyers lost by 17 at Richmond. Best of luck against the Minutemen on Saturday !