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  1. NCAA Soccer scores...

    Thanks for the all of the info, it is appreciated! Z
  2. Larry Hughes Holds NBA Record

    >it was just a joke. How so? Z
  3. NCAA Soccer scores...

    First I want to say hi to everyone as this is my first post and I'm looking forward to much Billiken soccer and basketball discussion! Courtside you bring up some valid points but I was at the game Sat. and unless some MAJOR adjustments are made and some boys decide to step up this team will be an utter, utter disappointment irregardless of who they lost. That game Sat. was the WORST I have ever seen SLU play in all the years I have been watching them. Outside of a few guys it was as if they never played soccer before. I am a huge supporter of Johnny D. but I didn't know he was playing! And why Donigan had him flanking that left side vs. right is a mystery to me. The Bills couldn't put 3 passes together that actually moved the ball up the field to save their life. Pathetic effort. Granted N. Illinois got a goal on a deflection and just packed it in, but we HAVE to finish. This team has to get past Vedad's abscence which is now an entire season removed. There is plenty of talent on this team but they have to really bear down, wear opponents out and finish. Also, does anyone know what is up with Calum Angus? He did play at all Sat. and therefore he must be hurt as he is the anchor of that defense. Z