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  1. To all Missouri Valley losers

    >Once again, WHAT has SIUC ever accomplished?? And please, >none of this "well, we went to the Sweet 16 once a few years >ago" crap. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Sweet 16 is a very big deal, especially for a "mid-major" program such as SIU. Another recent accomplishment, we have one of the longest home winning streaks as we have not lost in the SIU Arena for 2 seasons and counting, and within those 2 seasons we have won our conference both times (not tourney, but regular season champs). I'm not trying to post a "we're better than you" post, but I wanted to answer your question and I look forward to y'alls reply.
  2. To all Missouri Valley losers

    Thank you for your willingness to help. I have sent an email and I am looking forward to your reply.
  3. To all Missouri Valley losers

    >You may not realize this but I have watched SLU get a bad >call in a game against SPUMAC and in the Fall I did tailgate >at a football game. >So there are two things that I can say and I am disputing. I know you are smarter than that. The bad call was in reference to the fact that we were in the tourney last year and almost took out your state's number one sports school (as proclaimed by most fans). The tailgating was in reference to SLU not having a football team. >Here are a few things you can't say nor dispute: >My Basketball team plays in a top 10 conference (rpi). >My Basketball team will be playing in a brand new 13,000 >seat 70-80 million dollar Arena. This is true. >My team won't be playing in the MVC next year. Don't speak too soon. >My team won the SIU v. SLU game 71-60 last year. My team won the previous year, and went to the tourney both of those years. Did you?
  4. To all Missouri Valley losers

    thicks... My user ID over on valleytalk is SalukisIn2003, I had the same on this board but I forgot my password. I've been following the conversation for quite awhile, and I wasn't trying to be rude; my apologies.
  5. To all Missouri Valley losers

    Sorry to inform y'all, but you are not the Harvard of the Midwest. You can rip on my school (Southern Illinois) all you want, but in the real world it's based on your own performance, and how well you can do the job. Going to a school like SLU doesn't necessarily make you smarter (I'm sure I could have been accepted), and going to a school such as SIU doesn't make you dumb. That's academics, but let's talk about sports. As a sports fan, I'm glad my diploma reads Southern Illinois University. I cheered for my team to see them take out Texas Tech and Georgia to make the Sweet 16 two years ago. I watched in disbelief at our loss to Missouri last year (recall the terrible blocking call). During the fall/winter, I tailgated football games. These are things that SLU fans cannot say or dispute. If you want to talk academics, maybe you should create another messageboard. As far as this sports fan is concerned, let's talk about sports.