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  1. I saw he came back on like last week but was only a cameo appearance. I really missed him while he was gone. Anyone know where he is?
  2. Steve, I think it's a great idea and while your at it you might consider John Brumbaugh at Illiniboard.com.
  3. Talk about censorship

    venue to post messages as opposed to the Billiken board which only has one. Most Division 1 college message boards have basketball, football, general message and bullcrap boards in order to voice your opinions. Please humor me Little Boy Roy as I am very bored tonight and just love to hear you rant. We need to lighten this board up a little bit, don't you think?
  4. Talk about censorship

    post was on the smack board. WTF is the problem??
  5. Talk about censorship

    again (pinky) I really think it shows immaturity. Hopefully we are beyond that. If there is a one week probation for what you are saying, I must apologize, I wasn't aware of it. I don't go to Tigerboard that often to know all of the rules, as I am usually on Illiniboard.com. Sorry if I upset you.
  6. Talk about censorship

    You can post anything you want about Clemons/Bunge on Tigerboard anytime you want. I think Nick decided to put it on the "shack" portion because it was too much of a topic on the "basketball" side. Wow, get a life folks!
  7. Triangle returns - Controversy returns

    controversial yet with substance.
  8. is it imperative that we get a 6'9

    From what I've been able to find out is that Kalen Grimes is down to 5 schools (KU, Mizzou, Illinois, SLU, and Kentucky). I have heard that he would like to be able to stay close to home. Is SLU not close? I think you can rule out Kentucky (too far away) and Illinois (I don't really think he's that enamoured with Bruce Weber) and I really think that Brad Soderberg has to sell him on the Billikens. Thoughts??
  9. College Notes........

    The reason I brought up in an earlier post that Linas signed with the Tigers is because I thought that info might be informative to basketball fans on this board. Sorry it ruffled your feathers. By the way, lighten up, ok?
  10. College Notes........

    So big fricking deal you don't agree with him. I guess everyone should adjust their thinking to match yours? Wow, you are a little bit too self-centered.
  11. College Notes........

    All the man is doing is giving his opinions. He seems to me to be a very serious basketball fan. Whether you agree with him or not is not a reason for hostility.
  12. Linas is a Tiger (nm)

    Your (meaning MOST billiken posters) obsession with the Mizzou basketball program. Please check past posts (realize you can't go back that far) and see how you guys obsess with MU basketball.
  13. nm means new mexico