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    I have been a Billiken fan for over 40 years. Jimmy Irving, Barry Orms, Eugene Moore, Joe Wiley, Harry Rogers, these are some of the Billiken greats I grew up watching. I don't think either of my posts have been negative. I was hoping in the last year that Malcolm Hill, Jr. and Nolan Berry would both commit to SLU like when Gray and Douglass were followed by Bonner and when Highmark, Claggett and Winfield came in and Lisch and Liddell. This isn't going to happen. I want the Billiken program to flourish as much as anyone. Anyone who says I am a " troll" is dead wrong.
  2. Attendence

    I'm back for my 2nd post.We are all entitled to our opinions.I don't feel I was "schooled" as someone said.I am trying to promote some discussion during this lull before the season starts.Why don't the home games sell out?During the Spoonball era crowds at Scottrade reached 20,000.The team this year was just as succesful,going to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament yet an average attendence of only 7700 in a great on campus facility.This was even baffling to RM as he seemed at a loss as to why no sell-outs at the end of the regular season.One reason in my opinion is the upper deck ticket prices are way too high.Your thoughts?
  3. 2012-2013 will mark the 2nd straight year no one from St. Louis is on the team.I understand we can't get Bradley Beal or Cameron Biedschied.We can't even get the grandson of Ed Macauley,the greatest Billiken ever.There must be somebody that RM deems worthy of giving a chance.Anthony Bonner,Erwin Claggett,Roland Gray,Monroe Douglass,Scott Highmark,Harry Rogers,Larry Hughes and even Kevin Lisch and Tommie Liddell are our history.It's more enjoyable when you have something in common with the members of the team.