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  1. Ho Ho Ho - The Mighty Sycamores Comin' to Town

    The Billikens were the best last night. Congrats and good luck in future games. We will pack it in for this season, but made great strides and will be a better team this next season.
  2. Baseball Score ?

    Just got an update. Sycamores get a grand slam and then back to back to back homers in the 9th & win 14-9. We will take that one and another one tonite and all will be well in Sycamore Land. GO SYCAMORES!
  3. Baseball Score ?

    My guess is that after about the 3rd the Sycamores usually use a pitcher an inning in mid-week games.
  4. Baseball Score ?

    Thanks...............a real pitcher's duel apparently ?
  5. Baseball Score ?

    Any score or update from the ISU-St. Louis baseball game currently being played? I am at work and can't get the live statistics to work.
  6. Hey.........I come in peace and not to flame. I have enjoyed reading the posts about the game and see a lot of "we get at least three games at home" stuff, etc. Well.............if you don't win the first one, there are NO MORE at home. Our Sycamores are very deep & experienced (partially due to the multitude of injuries that tried to slow them down and forcing others to "bring their game"). The roster has responded & done just that from top to bottom......"brought their game" when called upon. Winning on the road is not a foreign term either. They have done that several times over the last two years. I see where the Billikens rank pretty high in defending the 3-ball; the Sycamores rank pretty high in shooting it and hitting it with regularity. Guess we will see whose will is the strongest tonite? ISU also defends better than the average Bear. On the boards..................never know about that statistic........sometimes yes, sometimes no? Free throws...........hope you foul us a lot cause we like to shoot 'em. Anyway, it appears that neither team was ready to quit on the season yet, so here's to a good game tonite and may the team who plays the best on this night move on.