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  1. Tickets to the Dayton game on 2/21

    Haha, first of all, this 'guy' is a female. Second, I am a Parks College graduate from '02. Also note the above reference to my days in the Blue Crew.
  2. Tickets to the Dayton game on 2/21

    Yeah, I'm thinking we may have to take our chances and get the single tickets. Several people in the group were members of the old Blue Crew, so maybe we can dig up the old shirts. If anyone else has any ideas on where I can get tickets together, please let me know!
  3. Tickets to the Dayton game on 2/21

    I know, I never expected this to be a problem! I organized a group of around 10 alumni to come in to STL for the weekend for the main purpose of seeing the new arena. I had no idea the tickets would be so hard to come by!
  4. Hi all - I'm trying to find a group of tickets together for Saturday night's game. Metrotix only has single seats left. Anyone have any idea where I could look to buy more tickets? Thanks!