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  1. Out of Town Guests

    Triumph Grill is hosting a Xavier pre game event.

    Wouldn't your time be better spent thinking of inane questions to ask Bob Ramsey and Earl Austin, Jr?

    Redford did not play against Charlotte.

    I would be surprised, if either played tomorrow. Both will dress, but I don't believe Mack will play them. Brian Walsh and Andy Taylor may see more minutes in this game.
  5. You guys run a good board

    Long story short. There was a schism a few years ago. Younger alums tend to go to xavierhoops.com; more seasoned alums go to musketeermadness.com. Many go to both. I find that the xavierhoops board is easier to read and more technology savvy. There is more smack and off-topic sections on xavierhoops than musketeermadness.
  6. Tuesday Truths from Basketball Prospectus If you enjoy reading Ken Pomeroy's stats. Then you will enjoy the above link. See you on Wednesday night.
  7. Lisch had a great game last night, if he had a little more support, an upset was in the making. X had been tested this year quite a bit, so I was pleased with the outcome. For you older SLU fans remember back to 1991 at the Cincinnati Gardens, when you beat X 58-56 on a last second shot by another sharpshooter name Jeff Leutchifeld(sp?). It was the only X game I had ever witnessed when the away team won on a last second shot. Good luck the rest of the season and will see you in Atlantic City or next year.