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  1. First, I come in PEACE! [p]I rarely post on the other teams board, but after reading several posts I was really impressed with information being shared on this board. [p]I really look forward to St. Louis games. They are always a battle no matter the talent either team. This game could potentially tilt either way as I see it. MU with a solid early season record has played pretty average at times pulling off victories with a fair share of luck and late game heroics. If Scott Merritt sleep walks through this game which he has done in several this year you probably win. [p]If you can shut down Merritt, Novak and Diener our scoring falls off significantly and Travis Diener is our only real go-to guy when the clock runs down. Dameon Mason is without a doubt the best offensive scorer on the team but Crean is meticulously growing the freshman's minutes. Keep an eye on him if he enters the fray. [p]I will entertaining in a suite at the Bradley Center tonight and even invited some St. Louis fans. Should be a great Saturday night. [p]Best of luck and may the best Jesuits win!