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    Hi Billiken fans, happy new year to everyone in billiken nation. the guys are playing pretty well right now, which is important going into the conference season. hopefully, we can keep it going because the league is going to be tough once again. I don't get a chance to read the board as much as i would like, but when i do, i really enjoy the banter and the interest in billiken hoops. what has really helped our league this year (and last for that matter) is finally our teams are stepping up and winning some big nonconference games. that hasn't been the case a few years back, but now, we're stepping up and beating some good teams, even on the road. in the past, we would get our heads handed to us. now, C-usa is winning their share and the billikens have contributed to the cause. So far: Charlotte- road wins at Syracuse and southern illinois (which broke a 31-game winning streak) Louisville- road win at kentucky (No. 1 at the time) plus wins against No. 1 Florida and 10-2 seton hall. Cincinnati- Beat undefeated Dayton by 30 and Clemson by 23 SLU- beat 10-1 dayton on the road by 11 and beat Kansas State. Houston- beat 9-1 LSU Memphis- Beat Missouri Marquette- Beat Notre Dame by 16 and beat St. John's in the Garden On the high school front, dwayne, tommie and luke are having tremendous senior seasons. dwayne looks like he did before his injury, tommie is shaking and baking all over the east side while luke has been the most pleasant surprise. He's really elevated his game. he's averaging 30 points a game and nobody has been able to hold him. i know all of the coaches are pleased. and for those of you who haven't seen kevin lisch play, billiken roy is not exaggerating one bit. he is worth the trip to belleville to see in person. the only down note is not having brandon morris with this current group. he is having a great year in green bay. anyway, i just wanted to send along greetings and hope to see everyone at the savvis center. p.s. Reggie Bryant is pretty good, isn't he.