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Huggins - What's the Appeal?

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alford did get a one year contract extension from the new ad last week, and he got a one year extension from the outgoing ad before he left. i believe his contract now runs through 2010.

having said that, living here in iowa he's not well liked by iowa fans and alot of them would have loved to have seen him go to indaina.

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The Illini were put on probabtion by the NCAA. The evidence submitted by Bruce Pearl was thrown out. Maybe he was wrong for doing it, but the NCAA didn't use what he gave them anyway. roy, you've used "where there's smoke there's fire" logic on here many times. They were found guilty of infractions. Are you saying the NCAA didn't find anything? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Illini football program is on probation right now.

Pearl is one of the most successful coaches you'll find. Even being totally blackballed he still finds a way to win.

I'm not saying Pearl is a good fit for SLU, just that you can't question his success.

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Fairly entertaining Bruce Pearl video after an appearance in Memphis this weekend. The Reporter just kept asking him the same type of stupid questions, and we wonder why people get frustrated with the media??

Link to the Pearl video from this Sportsline story...


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Agree w/ the earlier statements re: winning, TV, NBA prep, higher tolerance for Whaley-types, tournament (at least for the 1st weekend), etc., but also think Huggins has an inherent, perhaps singular sales pitch of "you have to be extremely tough to play for me & I will make you even tougher". I suspect this appeals to many recruits, esp. those for whom the first 18-20 years of life hasn't been all that easy. And in his best cases, it's hard to argue w/ the results: Martin, Fortson, Brannen, Maxiell. That said, his tenure at UC has, in my opinion, marked him as one of the most easily-loathable characters in college sports ... one of the few cases in which a university president had to step in to protect the integrity of their educational institution.

We'll see how it works out for K-State University.

Pat D.

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