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Proposal for Darren Clarke's nickname

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Don't laugh.

Darren Clarke's initials are D.C. D.C. is the capital of our country. That's easy enough, so follow me here.

Clarke's nickname should be "Capital D."

1. Clarke's first name starts with a capital D.

2. By the time Clarke leaves SLU, we want him to be a top-notch player.

3. We want him to play "capital D" -- that is, top-notch defense.

Darren, I'm not going to call you D.C., because that's too easy. Instead, I'm calling you, "Capital D."

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How about we call him Clarke Bar. There's the obvious candy company tie in but also Clarke spells his last name the same way the author Arthur Clarke does. If Arthur was going to study law instead of write science fiction he might well have chosen SLU as his law school. In order to become a lawyer he'd have to pass the (you guessed it) bar exam. My vote goes for Clarke Bar!

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You'll notice that the friend or family member of Blake Ahearn that called him/herself "butter33" (formerly "pistol") hasn't logged in since July 3. These were his/her last words:

If a person were really a SLU fan, I think they would've visted the board in the last 11 days and would've discussed something other than one player who's not going to SLU.

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