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The latest conference rumor...

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I am nervous about this Creighton vs. SLU deal. Especially if Notre Dame (the media leverager (at least that is how I read it)) is lobbying for Creighton.

Maybe Dayton will help us out because from what I have read on this board, we have played them every year because they got the shaft in the last Conference Shake up. Correct me if I am wrong on that note.

The Conference looks great for basketball, but I think I would still prefer some of the Catholic Conferences layouts. One thing I really do not like is the mandatory games at Madison Square Garden. That is VERY unfavorable to the Western Division in that post. St. Louisians would have to go to NEW YORK? No way!

This is a very interesting situation. Let's see how Woolard does.


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Message board rumors guys!!! Baseball is a non-revenue sport, nobidy cares at baseball at this point.

I like how one guy said that maybe its because of Creighton soccer!!!

All rumors from people that know as much as we do.

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IF a new Basketball only conference forms, it will include teams, that are positioned to increase their profile in college basketball.

SLU is one of those teams

1 Size of Market

2 Fan base (look at national attendance slu is good despite two down years beating ND, and other big east teams)

3 Ease of Air travel.....slu is better than Dayotn, Creighton, hands down

4 Number of sports the university competes in at the D-1 level

5 Current and future facilities

all of these facets SLU rates higly in, with the possible exception of facilities, however with the advancement of the arena project that should become a major plus.

I think most of the other school message boards do not really follow SLU ball, and thus this next season, we may raise some eyebrows. I predict postseason play again and this time NCAA.

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