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ACC offers formal invites to .....


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.... Miami, Syracuse and Boston College. Looks like the first domino has fallen. This is the school presidents' vote as I understand it. Heard it was 7 to 2 with Duke and UNC as the odd men out. Looks like the conference startupis planned for the 04-05 school year.

Ought to be interesting to see how all the speculation and things work out form here. I just want to voice the opinion that I believe billiken roy called this one a couple of years ago.

Finally, its nice to be back at "home." In my attempt to find other avenues for debate, I wandered over to the UC board on CUSA talk. Its amazing what you find out when you wander around .... for example, I did not know that Huggins recruits second chance kids (Whaley, Wingfield, Bobbitt) at UC because he believes the the "total person" concept. And I also did not know that UC heads the list of little engines that could because Huggins has been doing more with less every year he ahs been at UC. My eyes have dutifully been opened to all I was missing over these years. If you ever run into the guys with "Cal1362" as a signature, he'll set you straight. I was stunned to learn how persecuted UC and Huggs really are.

Of ocurse, now gruehls and UCTom have found me again so its "beer on" at the CUSA next year in Cincy. Wow ... won't that be a wake if we all know the fate of these teams come March 04. It might be like Dayton all over again when they found out we were ditching them and the torunament was at their house. Slightly different if UC is a catalyst in the break up.

While I never am in favor of a downgrade of the program, I think we might be fooling ourselves trying to compete with football driven schools in any conference. Something here has got to work out for the best.

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