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Elgin's making more noise


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It seems that the MVC Commish really wants us to consider a move to the MVC. I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I thought I would post the article. Sorry, but I'm still very much pro-A10!


"Praises we sing, to you our alma mater,

Praise to the white and blue.

Our hymn shall ring, in tribute strong to you,

We hail Saint Louis U."

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I think the last paragraph should put the issue to bed.

"But they haven't even taken a baby step toward us in any way. They've shown very appropriate behavior. And for us, proactive doesn't mean reaching out and lobbying. We haven't been welcomed to do that."

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Sounds like he's tactfully doing his job. He is using the media to let it be known that the MVC would like to be considered by SLU in the event SLU no longer wants to be part of the CUSA. I would suggest that SLU should or has considered the MVC.

Given that SLU engaged Mr. Dempsey to assist in analyzing its alternatives, I anticipate it has already analyzed options and has chosen a path forward. We'll just have to wait and see at this point, what the Big East does.

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I think CUSA would be in a better position if Elgin was the commish. His job is not to look after SLU's best interest ... it is to do the best he can for the MVC ... getting SLU would be a great accomplishment for the MVC ... Elgin is just doing his job. I wish we had him ... I also bet he would make a great AD ... I don't know his history but I would assume he's been there ..done that.

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