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Men's Basketball Revenue

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15 hours ago, Lord Elrond said:

So I put the information reported by each A10 university for Men’s Basketball just to see where we stand. The information is required to be reported to the Dept of Education by each school. The reporting period is 7/1/21 to 6/30/22 (makes sense from a school year point of view), so it doesn’t include last season, but the year before.  They don’t break out recruiting by sport, just total recruiting for all men’s sports, so while I sense the bulk is spent on men’s basketball, there’s no way to break it out from what they show. If anyone wants to pull it up, it’s on the Department of Education website at https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/  I sorted by Total Revenue MBB

Mens Basketball A10            
University Total Recruiting Expenses (all Men's Sports) Total Operating Expenses MBB Total Expenses MBB Total Revenue MBB Grand Revenue Total all Teams Has Football Team
University of Dayton $212,132 $1,961,251 $8,657,248 $16,878,904 $34,043,542 Yes
VCU $332,224  $1,110,245 $7,121,576 $8,598,515 $37,305,038 No
Saint Louis University $242,563 $1,309,298  $7,623,032 $7,623,032 $31,571,057 No
Fordham University $757,946 $1,190,605 $6,196,401 $6,196,401 $39,567,321 Yes
University of Richmond $322,998 $1,391,668 $5,482,607 $5,482,607 $40,377,925 Yes
Duquesne University $301,971 $1,274,906 $5,464,054 $5,464,054 $24,476,457 Yes
Saint Joseph's University $137,032 $1,056,859 $5,251,050 $5,251,050 $22,989,452 No
George Mason University $225,459 $1,237,519  $5,072,246  $5,072,246 $28,196,432 No
University of Rhode Island $314,879 $1,561,198 $5,082,239 $4,918,314 $33,051,719 Yes
George Washington University $152,104 $700,635 $4,911,135 $4,911,135 $30,473,846 No
Loyola Chicago University $216,701 $1,059,313 $4,536,549 $4,536,549 $22,380,462 No
University of Massachusetts - Amherst $592,751 $770,354 $4,454,190 $4,454,190 $43,882,480 Yes
St Bonaventure University $194,472 $1,046,620 $4,239,342 $4,239,342 $16,370,515 No
Davidson College $271,037 $884,763 $3,946,868 $3,738,010 $24,247,206 Yes
LaSalle University $89,227 $725,035 $3,222,316 $3,222,316  $15,010,308  No


Only 2 of the teams in this list of A10 MBB programs show profit, Dayton, and VCU. 

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The P&L numbers can be highly massaged.  The school can more or less decide if they want to show a profit or a loss.  SLU could put almost all the arena expenses on basketball, or none of it.  It could put tutoring expenses on basketball, or none of it.  It could recognize various revenue even from ticket sales to basketball/athletics or to the school.  There are a number of legal ways to decide how you want the P&L to look, so I would not think too much of it.


You will easily note that a number of schools are showing (to the dollar) the exact same expenses and revenue.

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Total $$ distribution on P5 conferences, obviously heavily weighted by football.

Per-school distributions:
B1G: $58.8M, with slightly less for Neb, UMd, Rutgers
SEC: $49.9M
Big 12: $42M to $44.9M
ACC: $37.9M to $41.3M
Pac-12: $37M
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