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GDT: vs St. Bonaventure

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Slash 33.3/33.3/87.5

The slick hair pretty boy obnoxious ref sucks but our team owns this mess with that slash line.

Collins with no points 4 assists and 2 dumb turnovers has to be better or I hope Ford is recruiting a better point guard.  I am not blaming Yuri for this mess and he is playing hard but he has to be better.

Jacobs in the witness protection program.

French needs to kick out and if they hit 3’s there will be more room in the middle.

Do the kids have what it takes to save their season? No big dance if you lose.

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9 minutes ago, dlarry said:

No defense?

Poor defensive rebounding I’ll give you but I’ll take that D the rest of the night.

Watching a guy from six or 8 feet away take a three point shot is not defense. If St Bona were better or hotter... we would be down 20

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