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SLU Women's Soccer Thread (2020 - 2021)

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2 minutes ago, Gremio14 said:

Dang, I heard from a very legit Larson blew out her knee in practice Tuesday.  Was hoping this was hyperbole....

I guess not. That hurts. Imo she is their most dynamic offensive player 

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9 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

And here’s wishing and praying for a speedy full recovery for Hannah

Absolutely heartbreaking for her, the team, and us fans. 

Hopefully the team rallies around her and puts together a run!

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1 minute ago, billikenfan05 said:

This game is going to go past 90 minutes.

That would be a good bet.  Bills giving as good as they are getting, and man, does Halverson have some serious pace or what?  Need to take more advantage of that - she blew by at least three Huskies on her one run.  Do it again and again...

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1 minute ago, SluSignGuy said:

This is my first game I am watching, but I like that the halftime feed is literally just staring at midfield 

Yeah, soccer is not big on half time entertainment...usually a bunch of kids playing 4 v 4 or something...

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