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SLU Men's Soccer Thread (2020 - 2021)

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3 minutes ago, billikenbill said:

2-0 Bills at the 85 min. mark.

That pass from Becher was pure filth! Just an unbelievable run and pass with the outside of his foot! What a damn play! Let’s go Bills!

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Palazzolo’s goal and Schulte save should be 1/2 on SCTop10 this morning. Two world class plays. It’s great to see AJ get a goal and a spectacular one as he doesn’t get the “headlines” Becher and Klein get. 

I’m still not sure how Schulte kept that ball out of the net. 


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11 hours ago, Reinert310 said:

That pass from Becher was pure filth! Just an unbelievable run and pass with the outside of his foot! What a damn play! Let’s go Bills!

World class pass. And kudos to Kalish for making the sub a couple of minutes prior. Klein was gassed when he exited. No way he makes the run. Burch, on the other hand, was running full tilt from the moment he stepped on the field. 

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SLU 2 Dayton 0. 

Dayton played SLU tough the first game, with several in game tactical changes, and, they did so again the 2nd game.


Murana, Keller, Niece, Vaughn

Shternenberg, Buendia, Palazzolo, Parker

Becher, Klein

Dayton played a lot of players behind the ball, and they doubled the wings early, and, trying to keep SLU in the middle of the field. A way to counteract that is quickly switching fields through the middle. 5 minutes in, SLU did this, connecting 4 passes for a Vaughn run down the left side and Becher just missing one of his early, near post goals. 

Free kick right side 5 minutes later. Niece beats the defender for the tap him, but gets some jersey pull from behind just enough to not finish.

5 minutes after that Becher beats two defenders to the end line changing direction, pass gets through to Klein who shot it right at the keeper.

So while waiting for Dayton to come forward, it was a combination of east west possession, short passes forward to Buendia, Palazzolo, and diagonal passes to Becher, Klein or wings. 

SLU’s first goal was a set piece corner from Parker. There were lots and lots of Dayton defenders near the 5 yard line but none at the top of the box where SLU has 3 open players. All that takes is a header clear anywhere near the top of the box. AJ settles and volleys a great shot. AJ as mentioned in the past, played all over the field for Indiana. He has taken PK’s for SLU.!He can score from there. 

Dayton changed again at half time, and was able to get SLU to defend a bit more later in the 2nd. But much of any possession they had was middle of the field. It was earlier in the 2nd where Dayton had a nice build up wide, and was given some space to hit a nice shot where Schulte gets a hand on it and saves the rebound shot from the post. Patrick also won several balls into the box, often making it look pretty easy. He’s one of SLU’s highest rated recruits in recent memory for a reason. U20 team, Stl FC, Lots of big game experience and International and local Training.

SLU went on to have more chances in the 2nd but didn’t get the final touch to extend the lead.

Then, late in the game, Murana intercepts a pass, heads it up wide for Becher to take on defenders to inside out his through ball for Bruch’s finish. 

Back line rock solid, Keller and Niece winning tackles, distributing on target passes out of the back, changing direction and pac. Vaughn and Murana limiting wide runs all game. Lots of all league players in back for SLU. 

AJ’s goal:

Bruch from Becher and Murana:



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Tanner Anderson made it official today.

2023 Tanner Anderson, younger brother of SLU’s Seth Anderson, committed to SLU today. 

Tanner made Illinois All State, and, ALL Midwest Region this season. He played up on his older brother’s club team this summer (along with Donny Ross and Brogan Townsend) that advanced to the USYS National Semifinals.

Tanner is 2nd all time in goals at his high school with 65. The all time record holder is his older brother Seth with 78. Tanner will likely break that record next season. In fairness to Seth, he missed his Sophomore season with injury. Seth still has a physical edge. Tanner is faster. 


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1 hour ago, SLUBALLS said:

Savor all this.  It's been a long time since we have had this level of prominence nationally and playing such dominant soccer.  Still have much to do.  Noon on Friday can't come soon enough. 

Isn't it nice to feel excited about SLU soccer like we used to feel

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SLU is still 8th in the United Soccer Coaches Poll. Top 8 is still the same, just in a different order.


The NCAA looks at the Coaches poll, RPI, strength of schedule, head to head, significant wins, etc…all as part of their criteria. (Top Drawer Soccer is also popular with players and coaches for its rankings, including individual player and recruiting rankings.) 

The NCAA already released its first top 16 seeds list in October. Someone else posted it here. That is also something to look at as a baseline. Much has and will change from the first one. I am reposting it here as a reminder that it is a baseline criteria along with all of the others since that time:

A few of these teams, Virginia Tech, are less in the mix as before. Some of these teams will be playing each other this week. Oregon St. plays Washington, etc…Others will be playing a team not in the mix, making it easier to cheer for the underdog to knock a team down the list or out of the top 16 seeds. Duke plays Clemson. Pitt plays ND and so on. Georgetown vs Villanova is more straight forward. 

SLU can focus on SLU. They will have a tough game Friday, and, if they win, another tough game Sunday. 





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There has been some St. Louis flavor affecting the outcome of some of this week’s games, that may affect SLU’s NCAA Tourney seeding. 

1st Team All ACC Jack Lynn scored the game winner, his 8th, in a 2-0 Notre Dame win over Pittsburgh. Jack played U23 Summer ball with SLU’s Patrick Schulte, Chris Bruch, Johnny Klein, Chase Niece (injured), Kipp Keller. 

Indiana defeated Northwestern (Northwestern defeated Maryland previous round) 1-0 in OT on a Joey Maher (also on the same U23 team as several Billikens) overtime goal. Joey’s older brother was the former Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and number 2 overall pick for Nashville. Their younger brother Josh is a 2024 Indiana commit, who currently plays for St. Louis City SC. (Daniel Munie was Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year)

Kevin Hudson and his SMU team will be playing Tulsa today in their conference tourney game.


Other notables:

Duke 1 Clemson 0

New Hampshire 4 UMBC 0

Washington and Oregon St. play today

Marshall plays Friday as does Kentucky vs FIU in their conference tourney.

Missouri St., Hofstra play their tourneys Friday.

Georgetown v Villanova, Butler v Providence today.

West Virginia, N. Illinois yet to play. 


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