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SLU Men's Soccer Thread (2020 - 2021)

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33 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

The first goal was a very nice play by Parker. I thought he had no chance to turn the corner and get the service off. Then a very nice one touch redirect/shot by Betcher. 

I thought SLU looked as good as I’ve seen them. They were patient, held the ball and then exploited weaknesses or openings whenever they came about. 

Yep, it was a very tactical and counter tactical game throughout, changing along the way. Not an easy game. 

I think Parker’s stop and go, turning the corner speed on the outside, is deceptive to those that haven’t yet played against him. All he needs is a step in tight spaces, and he’s by you.

And, when those adjust, he can always back heel to himself the other way to cut inside. If he can keep working on his right foot, it will help him when he needs to cut in and get shots and service off with his right foot. 

Becher is an elite finisher, one of the best out there. He’s been a big difference maker for SLU this season. 

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SLU 4 George Washington 0

SLU clinches the Regular Season A-10 Title.

Both John Klein and Simon Becher are forwards who are very good at two way play, coming back to defend and to show as a target, to create offense. Becher set up SLU's 4th goal from a pass in SLU's 3rd of the field to Klein to Leeth. 

SLU's backline, and defensive midfield, does a good job of breaking up plays before they develop and stepping into the offense. Niece, Keller, etc...

No Palazzolo for SLU, but he did travel and dress. He was kicked in the knee on a slide tackle last game. 

John Klein keeps moving up the all time single season assist list for SLU. According to SLU, he surpassed Brad Davis' 2001 14 assist season. Klein has 15. (Matt Mckeon had 20 in 1995)

Becher scored his 10th. Heading into the weekend, 5 players Nationally had more than 10.

Mason Leeth had two goals for SLU.



Murana, Keller, Niece, Vaughn

Leeth Wilkinson Buendia Parker

Becher Klein

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SLU remains at 4th Nationally in the Top Drawer Soccer poll this week. Same top 3, different order after #1 Washington’s 3-2 loss to #8 Oregon St. Georgetown moves to #1, while Marshall remains at #3. 

I would expect SLU to move into the top 10 in the United Soccer Coaches Poll tomorrow, with Pittsburgh and Clemson sliding out of the top 10. Some of the teams had good results. Few teams behind SLU had strong enough results to make a big leap except those closer to 20. 

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36 minutes ago, SLUBALLS said:

Anywhere in the top 10 is good. Few #20 RPI teams are going to be top 10 ranked teams.

Rhode Island is a much better RPI game (38) for SLU this upcoming weekend. (GW has the worst RPI in the league)

Louisville (29) Creighton (37) Central Arkansas (not played, 50) have all been good, top 50 non conference RPI games. SMU while ok (55) was expected to be a little bit better RPI but lost a few games recently. Memphis (81) UMKC (131)

100 plus RPI ties at home vs SIUE (no Klein) and UIC.


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34 minutes ago, SLUBALLS said:

Klein was also on the College Soccer News Team of the Week. 






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50 minutes ago, courtside said:

Good for Kristo.

Why not just say it and reference the team’s release? And since you attached a tweet, why not simply hit the retweet button when the team released it this morning? 



Why didn't the Ambush put anything about him being a SLU alum in the Tweet itself?  Go rag on them for not giving any publicity to SLU.

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1 minute ago, Cowboy II said:

-didn't know the Ambush were still around

They aren’t “still around” so to speak. There’s been many incarnations of Indoor Soccer post it’s two big spikes in the 70s and 90s. The Steamers returned in the early to mid 2000s playing in the MISL and the Ambush were revived in 2013. Also initially playing in the MISL and currently MASL. I being indoor and A being Arena.

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