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Official SLU News: SLU Announces Men’s Soccer Schedule

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2 hours ago, billikenfan05 said:

I believe that facility is too small for the men to play on, or so it was explained to me. 

It is. It's not too far from being big enough, but far enough to not be able to play there. You could tell from watch the Women's Game. So many American Football Indoor Practice Facilities are very tight with space even just for football, let alone a larger soccer field. It's too bad so few have been made with soccer in mind or multi purpose. 

The bubble concept helps with this. SLU's game at Marquette was regulation size field. They have a full size grass and full size turf practice field next to their Soccer Stadium. The bubble goes over the turf field, and soccer and lax games can play there. Cost was somewhere between $3.6 to $5 Million. SLU doesn't have the space on campus. Seasonal Bubbles are a pretty big these days in colder climates, for off season/Winter training and games.

The Indy Facility is a massive 400 Acre indoor/outdoor facility, various sports, in the burbs. 


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1 hour ago, Cowboy said:

-why would the women be able to play at the Earth City indoor facility but not the men? serious question

I don't know the answer. I counted 11 each while watching because I was curious about the slightly smaller field and the numbers. It played fine in a unique one off/one game situation. And it can certainly be used for practice.

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